Monday, 8 August 2011

Vacation Week

A new week has started. Back to normal, which means commissions and a few drawings I need to complete before the release of my 2012 fantasy calendar. I am exited to complete it off. I am expecting something to arrive any day soon which you will like if you prefer my black and white work. I can't wait to show you =)
It's going to be a busy month for me but I look forward to it as it's all something I enjoy doing.
Along with that I have my birthday coming up on the 18th, I can't believe it's so close already. I love this time of the year, not because it's my birth month but because I always like the feel of August. In 2 days it will be 5 years ago I started dating my boyfriend. It's incredible to think about. It's my longest relationship ever, I've always found it hard to stay in love with a person but with him I can't not be in love ♥
I've made something special for him which I will show you after the 10th, can't risk him peeking on my blog and finding out before time :)

Last week I spend with my mom, dad and little brother, Benjamin. I really loved my time there... it always gives me something special when being with them. Everything is so calm and relaxed but yet active.
They live in a very quite area with lots of nature and animals around. It really is heaven if you are into all things nature.
This is Balloo making the cutest sounds when looking at a dove sitting just a little higher than he could reach (luckily). I think he was sitting there for half an hour before he let the little dove be.

I love that dog, he's so adorable and such a sweet dog. Almost like a little baby wanting attention. If he's bored he will come look at you with his cute brown eyes until you play with him.

This time was extra fun as my brother got a big trampoline and certainly got to use it. I was so sore the first days but kept at it, it was hard to resist it, it was seriously so much fun. I also went to visit my brother while he was at work (he manages a high jump trampoline at the Danish holiday centre, Lalandia, which is basically a fun place for families with a small water world, bowling, ice-skating centre, stores and much more.) Anyway I tried jumping for the first time and I could certainly feel my small fear of heights. I guess I am better off deciding how high I can jump on my brother's trampoline.

My mom's 2 cats, Ditte and Boelle were around one of the days, I got a few ok shots of them:

I didn't touch my pencils at all that week even though I brought them... it was a great break, I feel really well ♥


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