Friday, 25 February 2011

Another faitytale step

I've been working a lot on the drawing the past 2 days, thought I would reveal a few more parts of the drawing.
It's really taken a lot of time. Colour pencil is such a slow medium to work with but I love it at the same time because of the many little details you can draw.
I am hoping to finish it over the weekend.
Speaking of weekend - have a great one! Mine will be spend at home, hopefully sick-free and with my pencils, love and a bit of sunshine :)
Thursday, 24 February 2011

And again

Once again I was lucky and caught something, this time a 3 day thing making me throw up and not being able to eat. Last weekend was horrible, I'd take a double migraine at it's worse over this. Finally started to eat normal food again and almost enjoyed it.
Enough about sickness though, I'd rather tell you about how much I look forward to spring! I was talking to Ralf a few days back about how close we actually are to the spring here in Denmark. In about a month the birds will start singing much more and slowly everything will start to blossom and be beautiful and new again. And in 3 months time I will be going to the beach, I've missed swimming so much =)
There's no words to describe how much I look forward to it. I've pretty much been sick since the beginning of the year, if it wasn't a flu it was a bad cold. Aside from my migraine I am rarely sick so this was indeed something very new for me to waste so much time doing barely anything. Good thing I don't do New Years resolutions, otherwise I would be seriously behind by now ;)

I haven't been very productive this year so far. I don't really mind much as I feel the few pieces I have done have been some that I am proud of and something I learned from.

Yesterday I finally started a new piece. It has a bit of nature, fairytale and lots of details. It will probably drive me crazy before I am even half way through but I am very into it still so it should be enough to keep me going.
Here's a little preview of parts of it.
Monday, 14 February 2011

A dream of love

I made it just in time ^^

This is my Valentine drawing this year. This time of the year is special for me as I met my boyfriend around this time in 2006. So for me it represents love and the time of butterflies ♥

I've been working on this drawing a very long time. The inspiration for this drawing came when I saw the pretty girl: link and I immediately knew I wanted to use her for a heart/love themed drawing. I wanted that sensual and sweet expression to show.
As I want to challenge myself this year and adding something a bit antique I drew the steel swirls. I somehow found it fitting for the theme.

All in all I am pleased with this drawing. The dream of love, for better and for worse.

Thanks to the beautiful model.

Colour pencils, Lana sketching paper.
(27x37cm | 9x14")

Available as print and tube and soon other products at:
ZindyZone Shop
Monday, 7 February 2011

Sleeping with Homer + LE Keyring

Tonight I am sleeping with Homer ;) In Denmark you often find The Simpsons related stuff like t-shirt, underwear and socks around Valentine's Day and I really love it. I often gift my boyfriend but this year I felt it was time to gift myself, as this one was simply too cute and really soft, perfect for sleeping in =)

I've also just released a Limited Edition Love Keyring on my webshop, lots of red and hearts :)

See more here:
Sunday, 6 February 2011

Little teaser preview

Little teaser preview of my latest drawing ♥

Colour pencils, Lana sketch paper and lots of hours and patience.
Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Love Give Away

Love is in the air, not just because it's the month of Valentine but because this is a special time of the year for me ♥
Therefore I am giving this little love postcard and bookmark away. The postcard is actually not in sale yet on my site so you'll be the first to have one :)

All you need to do is write Hello or something like that in the comments field. Everyone can comment, there is no login needed or word verification, so it doesn't get easier than this :)

I am asking my sis to give me a random number once this giveaway is over so it will be completely random who gets the gift!

I'm ending the give away on the 7th, so please write before that date in order to participate.

Edit: My sister picked the number 10 - The winners is George, congrats, hope you'll be happy with the card and bookmark :)

Purple Midnight + Important Auction

I did this drawing to help out my friend and wonderful Tuber Lisa. She's going through some really bad times and I want to help her not lose her home by auctioning this drawing away and giving everything to her. If you like the drawing I'd be ever so happy if you'd take part in the auction here:
Ebay Auction

The drawing is done with soft pastels/charcoal on Lana drawing paper.
The drawing measure 8.2x11.7 inches | 21x29.7 cm.

Thanks for looking ♥


Finally things are looking up. After another week being badly ill I seem to be a bit better now. I am still half deaf on one ear, like I'm in a bubble - you probably know the feeling after a bad cold. However, I am up from my bed and can do stuff again. I can't believe I managed to be ill 3 out of 4 weeks in January, what are the chances!?
Oh well, past days I've been catching up with what's been waiting to get done.

I created a few new bookmarks, which you can see here:

All are available through my shop:

I did a bit of shopping on Ebay while I was sick in bed and I can't wait to show you what new products will come with my drawings. Hopefully it will be good. Meaning; if I can actually create them without messing it up. Hope you are curious now :P

I can't wait to get started on February and hopefully I've had my dose of sickness this year!

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