Thursday, 26 August 2010

You broke it

I’ve been using the model Becca a lot these past months. She’s amazing at showing emotions and capturing the angles and shadows, that’s what makes her such a joy to work with. You can see the reference for this piece here: link
When I saw the photograph I got a certain feeling just by looking at it and I drew… The broken theme has definitely been a theme I’ve used a lot this year, maybe because I'm trying to heal personally. With every drawing I make I feel I am finding myself more and more and it’s a powerful feeling, to find back the meaning.

Made with soft charcoal.
38x30cm | 15x11.7"

*Prints available through my shop: link

Autumn Feel

It’s autumn, in every way. Today was so windy, and the leaves were flying around. While the day started out gray the sun was suddenly shining, putting its beautiful light on the trees and everything else. Closing my eyes and feeling that fresh wind, the smell of autumn… I remembered why I love this season so much. My inspiration is always the highest during the fall which is partly why I love the season so much. Walking around the lake, feeling the nature and all its brown, yellow and red colours are very inspirational; and this is only the beginning. It’s the time of melancholy and a bit of sadness. Memories going through my head, good and bad… endings, beginnings, lost and found.
Tuesday, 24 August 2010

ACEO Black Cat Selina

My latest ACEO; my friend Robins beautiful cat Selina - who now got her very own bookmark to play with :D
You can see the video where she's playing with it on my Facebook wall: I don't think I can direct link it but anyway, it's worth a watch, she's so cute (=

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The sweetest day

A week ago I celebrated my 4th anniversary with my boyfriend. It was very sweet, he had planned our day and it was very sweet and relaxed. We actually went to the center where we first met and had an ice cofee. We saw Eclipse and went to dinner. A very sweet simple day, reminding me of all the things I love about being with my boyfriend ♥

The little plan he had made for me =)

Wind of change - Another step

Another step of the Wind of change drawing, it's actually very fitting for the weather in DK at the moment.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Wind of change in progress

A drawing I started yesterday, it was time for a handsome male for a change. I need to do males much more! I've had it on my to do list for a while just needed to finish a few other things before I started it. The model used, ref: link

I'm creating it in colour pencils, this time with a different way or colouring. I am trying darker colours as first layers and lighter colours at the top, I usually do it the other way around. It seems to be working okey for now.
Done on Lana drawing paper (150g/m2).

With the birds

With the birds

This is drawing I started a while ago and decided to finish up before it end up as lot of my work – away and never finished.

I used a friend of mine, Birgitte as model for the drawing. We did a photo shoot summer 2009 with a lot of different hair and set up in the garden. It was a lot of fun. I haven’t gotten around doing anything artistically with the shoot yet – till now. I wanted it to reflect the likes of Birgitte, which is gothic, red and black. At the same time I didn’t want it to be a sad piece but a freeing piece of a sort... especially since most of the gothic people I know are such warm happy people, despite what a lot of people think. I kind of picture her taking off any minute to join the rest of the birds, with a little smile on her lip…

The drawing is made only in colour pencils, which is why it took me a while yet again but I really love the challenge of getting much depth and very black areas into drawings at the moment.

Made with colour pencils on Lana drawing paper (150g/m2).
29.7x21cm | 11.7x8.5
Thursday, 12 August 2010

ACEO Gloomy Days and Spring Fairy

2 ACEO's. Gloomy Days is from back in June and Spring Fairy was a just a little something I did while waiting for my special someone to get ready.

Gloomy Days

Spring Elf
Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dark Hope

I am happy to finally be able to show the finished version of Dark Hope. It’s been some journey but most of it was great even if my patience got tested more than once, specially doing the stage of creating the corset. It’s really a lot of detail going into this piece. I must have used about 1.5 black colour pencil in total as it’s really build up by many layers to achieve the right depth and darkness. I think it’s among my deeper drawings, along with Lost Dreams. In a way I put this drawing in the same category style wise and the overall feel, which might be why it’s one of my more important drawings.

The girl is Lisa, a girl from an artforum, who was one of the winners of my Butterfly Contest ’10. It lead me to her site where I found this photo speaking loudly to me. After a little over a month of work I had the drawing completed.
Reference: link

Made with Caran d’Ache and Faber Castell colour pencils and Lana sketching paper.
(29.7x21cm | 11x8 inches)

♥ Available as print here: Link
♥ Available as bookmark here: Link
Monday, 2 August 2010

Blue Butterflies

First of all I did this drawing for a special purpose; to help an artist friend who's having a hard time financially. I decided to create this drawing of Robin, sell it and give her half of what it sells for. Being an artists isn't easy and I hope it can help her a little bit ♥

* The picture you see on the screen is the exact size of the drawing in real life.
Reference: link

Made with soft charcoal and pastels on acid free drawing paper.
(21x14cm | 8.2x5.5")

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