Friday, 26 August 2011

Before I go

I am leaving tomorrow for my parents again. It's only been 14 days since I returned home from my last visit. I hope to spend a few great weeks enjoying the early Autumn there. I really look forward to it, especially to revisit the trampoline :)

I recently did a few gift drawings.
Baby feet for a lovely customer I had, of her little baby girl. It was fun to do a bit of a different motive:

This little bunny belongs to Helene, a long time member of the ZindyZone Forum

Both drawings are done with charcoal and measures 11x8" (A4)
Monday, 22 August 2011

Little video of me drawing

In the video you get a glimpse of my new Halloween drawing, which is rather large and something that took a few days work. I like how it's going so far. I am in such a Halloween mood already =) I think I will be doing quite a few Autumn&Halloween drawings this season.

This is the first time trying to record while drawing a bit (on my mobile). I just received my new Derwent Pencil Extenders, which I was advised to try out by a friend, Ester.
So far they are great, very light weight and thin. However, I haven't worked much with them yet, I'll tell you what I think when using them for longer.

Autumn Walk

I am so happy to finally show you Autumn Walk. What a journey. Many many hours went into the forest and very happy it's done now :) Phew, I did it :D

21x29.7 cm | 8.2x11.7 inches
Colour pencils.

Available as print: Link

Saturday, 20 August 2011

My birthday and more

I've just celebrated my 32nd birthday on the 18th. I had a truly wonderful day with lots of fun. I decided to go visit Tivoli, a world famous family amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. We always go there each October for the yearly Halloween show. It's a fantastic place as it's very beautiful, filled with flowers and a great atmosphere. This time we actually tried the roller coasters and I loved it. Been 6 years since I last did that and now I wonder why :)
I loved this one in particular, as I love fish... and it was meant for kids so very Zindy-friendly.

My love gave me the best birthday present, a set of Luminance colour pencils. Those are my absolute favourite pencils but I haven't been able to afford but a few singles since they arrived in the Creas art shop. I was obviously thrilled. He also did a cute little drawing card for me, which I love just as much.

Oh he also bought a little strawberry cake, I love strawberries so it was very sweet.

We had dinner at Tivoli at night and it wasn't bad either. Ralf took a few photos of me meanwhile(the one at the top).

Awesome day really, not too bad to get older as long as you have fun.

Today we went shopping new ink and paper and I found a speaker set I could afford (and was my taste design wise) so now I finally have sound on my computer.

And at the very end I am very very close to completing my Autumn Walk. Spend another 8 hours on the forest yesterday and happy to say I only need to complete the top left corner at this point.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


This morning something strange happened. I was pulling the curtains aside and in came light and sun! Unbelievable. I was beginning to think we'd have no more sun this year! I'm hoping at least we get less rain in a few day when I am celebrating my birthday, just because it's a little easier to look pretty with no raincoat.

I've just finished a tattoo drawing for a beautiful customer of mine. It's been a long project as I couldn't capture what I wanted and had to start over a couple of times. I am really happy it's completed.

Today I am going to work more on my Autumn Walk drawing, I need to finish her real soon for the 2012 fantasy calendar. I have to say the Autumn forest has been a real challenge. Mostly because it feels like you keep drawing on the same area and very little happens. Nevertheless it's a true joy to do this drawing. I've gotten great response on her already (Thank you ♥) and it certainly keeps me going.
Here's a final preview before the end result.
Drawing, pencil mess and café latte.

Dark&Gothic Tag Contest

I am happy to share with you the all new Dark&Gothic Contest at my forum (for taggers). You are all invited to take part ♥​wthread.php?p=281038

I also have a big tube sell at the store, 50% off on all tubes in the Dark&Gothic category. The last throughout August.
Saturday, 13 August 2011

My socks

A lot of you have been asking what kind of socks I wear... nah, not really but I thought I would show you anyway ;) I love knee socks, I probably have 40 pairs or so. Today I bought 2 new pairs with stripes. I love the thicker ones for winter time and in this apartment I am going to need them. Last winter it was so cold here as the doors aren't well isolated, as well as the windows. I am going to need many socks and sweaters if we don't manage to fix the doors this year. At least that's my excuse whenever I buy new ones.
While I generally don't enjoy shopping clothes that much, I do love socks :)

When visiting my parents I bought a couple of new mugs. I love the vintage and sweet style of them, and of course it was the heart which did it in the end ♥

The bag is created by my mom, I love it very much, the black butterfly is a perfect touch to it. My mom is so good with these things, I wish she still drew too.

Zindy Art Clocks

I am very happy to show my all new product line; CD Clocks.
Been a long time in the coming, a year to be exact. It's not easy to get all the components for this (when you live in Denmark).

I have 5 drawings available so far, Dark Hope, The Sad Angel, Imperfect Angel, Lost Dreams and What's left of me.
They can be purchased here: Link

We have the Imperfect Angel hanging in the kitchen and it works perfectly!=)

Just had to show you right away, have a great rest of the weekend ♥
Tuesday, 9 August 2011

5 years ago

5 years ago I started dating my boyfriend Ralf. I met him for the first time 5 month earlier and already back then I had fallen in love with him. Fate didn't allow us to meet till 5 months later and since then I have loved him with all my heart. We've been through a lot in our relationship but things are finally more peaceful now. We bought a beautiful apartment late last year, it's hard to believe we have already been here for 8 months. I think I finally got that feeling that it's mine and that I belong here, and I feel safe here which I haven't since the accident. In the beginning it always feels like it's not really yours and I didn't hang a lot of stuff up yet. It's a strange interesting process of moving into a new home and actually feeling like it's your home. I am glad I feel that way now, as it makes me able to focus much more on everything else.

The drawing is me and my boyfriend with our symbolic animal. I love butterflies - he loves wolfs. I think in a way the animals represents us as well.
I’ve always seen the butterfly as incredible beautiful(going from rather ugly till something beautiful) but also a symbol of freedom, dreams and possibilities. It’s things I value highly in my life. Though I don’t see myself as beautiful as a butterfly I do love to create and find beauty in everything I do and as such it’s become an important part of me and my work.
My boyfriend is the strong and loyal wolf. He's my rock. He's also the soft, thoughtful man only few get to see.
I think even though at some points we are very different we also complement each other well, I’m the dreamer – he’s the realist...

Now I'll go spend the day with my love ♥
Monday, 8 August 2011

Vacation Week

A new week has started. Back to normal, which means commissions and a few drawings I need to complete before the release of my 2012 fantasy calendar. I am exited to complete it off. I am expecting something to arrive any day soon which you will like if you prefer my black and white work. I can't wait to show you =)
It's going to be a busy month for me but I look forward to it as it's all something I enjoy doing.
Along with that I have my birthday coming up on the 18th, I can't believe it's so close already. I love this time of the year, not because it's my birth month but because I always like the feel of August. In 2 days it will be 5 years ago I started dating my boyfriend. It's incredible to think about. It's my longest relationship ever, I've always found it hard to stay in love with a person but with him I can't not be in love ♥
I've made something special for him which I will show you after the 10th, can't risk him peeking on my blog and finding out before time :)

Last week I spend with my mom, dad and little brother, Benjamin. I really loved my time there... it always gives me something special when being with them. Everything is so calm and relaxed but yet active.
They live in a very quite area with lots of nature and animals around. It really is heaven if you are into all things nature.
This is Balloo making the cutest sounds when looking at a dove sitting just a little higher than he could reach (luckily). I think he was sitting there for half an hour before he let the little dove be.

I love that dog, he's so adorable and such a sweet dog. Almost like a little baby wanting attention. If he's bored he will come look at you with his cute brown eyes until you play with him.

This time was extra fun as my brother got a big trampoline and certainly got to use it. I was so sore the first days but kept at it, it was hard to resist it, it was seriously so much fun. I also went to visit my brother while he was at work (he manages a high jump trampoline at the Danish holiday centre, Lalandia, which is basically a fun place for families with a small water world, bowling, ice-skating centre, stores and much more.) Anyway I tried jumping for the first time and I could certainly feel my small fear of heights. I guess I am better off deciding how high I can jump on my brother's trampoline.

My mom's 2 cats, Ditte and Boelle were around one of the days, I got a few ok shots of them:

I didn't touch my pencils at all that week even though I brought them... it was a great break, I feel really well ♥
Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dark Market 2011

I just came home after the yearly Dark Market. A Danish Gothic market, where a bunch of private people and companies can get a little place to sell their stuff. It's usually fun and relaxing. The Gothic scene is very small in Denmark, so the market is not very big and overcrowded.
This year I introduced my new Clocks, which will be up for sale on my webshop very soon too.
Here's a few photos, as always I am behind the camera but my boyfriend did take a photo of me sitting behind the table and in the car - highlight of the evening: Sunset!!=) Nothing better after half a day without food. A bit blurry mobile photos but at least I have a photo of me to show for once.

My little table:

A few shots I took, blurry and not very interesting but still:

It was a nice market, even though there weren't a lot of visitors I met friends and new people so it was a great day!:)
I'm so tired right now. It just starting pouring down, think I will head to bed and listen to the rain.
I have more news soon. I just came back after a week at my parents which was so lovely, I'll tell you more soon. Have a nice rest of the weekend.

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