Friday, 29 April 2011

Kitten with the rose

I recently completed the drawing using the beautiful kitten of Robin. She does great photography with her 2 beautiful cats and I am lucky to be able to use them for my drawings.

It was the first time testing the new Canson Bristol paper I got earlier this month: link

I have to say I love it, it's perfect for charcoal.


Most of their music aren't "me" but I really like this one. I saw it live some years back and it was so amazing. I really like the lyrics.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nothing can bring me down today

This got to be one of the best days in a long long time.
This morning I went to see the physiotherapist finally. I went in with the fear of hearing it wouldn't be better and that I would be more and more disabled in time( not being able to run, physical hard work and in the end walking...)
He was quite positive about it all and didn't think my back issue was that bad as I was told. The best moment was when he told me I would most likely run again. 2 years ago I stopped running and needless to say it hasn't been good to me not being able to run or be as active as I used to.
I've always been a girl loving nature and exercise so it felt like I wasn't myself anymore in some areas, as it would bring me down a lot. The couch potato life isn't me at all. However, the past half year especially I haven't been able to walk for longer without my back getting all stiff and with a really bad headache as a result of pushing it. I've been scared of what my future would hold but after today I feel nothing can bring me down.
The thought of being able to run again and being who I was is definitely something to be celebrated.
In 2 weeks I start the training.

I guess this drawing is suitable to publish today:

I keep dreaming as my world falls
It's about keeping hope, holding on to your dreams though you feel everything is falling apart.

Charcoal, 40x20 cm

Thanks to: link
Sunday, 24 April 2011

Yay for my new computer

Today I finally got my new computer in use. It's so super fast I almost can't believe it. I haven't had a new computer since 2004-05 and needless to say it was really slow compared to this lovely girl!:D

I've been updating my Zazzle store the past hour and I managed to add about 40 new products in that amount of time whereass it would take me an hour just to add 5-7.
I can't wait to start using it with bigger files and see how well it works. It's really amazing for me and I definitely am going to cherish her ♥

Oh and what surprised me the most is how fast it turns on. I am used to waiting 5-10 minutes before I can actually use my computer, depending on how good of a day it is. Now it takes about 30 sec top? Waw.

Here they are together:

Happy Easter all of you from a happy girl!
Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter - Find the eggs and win!


As a little Easter game I have hidden a bunch of Easter eggs around my site. Can you find them? To participate click the image above. Happy Easter!=)
Sunday, 17 April 2011

Innocent Eyes Child Portrait

I found this older drawing as I was packing out some folders recently. I think I created it in January but my new scanner made the edges so hard I didn't want to upload it. However, I figured out how to take off a bit of the contrast to make it look much more like the original drawing.

It's based on the adorable little girl by: TracieStock

I would love to be able to draw children portraits much better. It's something I haven't done much and I always find it intriguing when I do portraits of my little niece.

Done with charcoal, 11x8" | 29.7x21cm.
Friday, 15 April 2011

Red Riding Hood

My journey with markers continues after returning home from a week of vacation at my parent's.
I received a large bunch of Promakers I had ordered from Ebay just before I left on vacation. They were waiting for me when I got home. They are really great. It's very helpful to have more natural skin tones with less orange in them, it suits me much better.

I can definitely see myself addicted to Markers. They are just so different from what I am used to and I love the line art process which goes very well with my new project. I am ready to reveal it soon, just need the final touch to it and it will be released.

This drawing was done originally as a promo drawing for the new Red Riding Hood Contest: link
I am happy how the drawing turned out. It was interesting to try the foggy forest with markers, it seems to work quite well.

Done with ProMarkers.
30x40cm | 12x16"

Thanks to Liamstock for the pose reference: link

And now I will find my charcoal and colour pencils for a little while ♥
Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kitten with rose drawing in progress

Another preview of the kitten drawing. I think it's going to be a nice drawing when it's done, the look in her eyes turned out pretty close to what I had hoped. Just a bit more work and it will be done.
I don't think I will ever get tired of drawing that cat, she's so beautiful.

DreamScape Imaging 1 year BD

Today it's exactly 1 year ago my friend Lisa and I officially opened the licensing company;DreamScape Imaging. It's been quite a year and I feel happy with all the talented artists being part of this.

For those of you unfamiliar with tubes they are small digital images of artwork where the main image is cropped out and used for a sort of digital scrap booking.
This is a few examples of pretty tags made with drawings/tubes of mine.

If you are an artist and would like to license your work, or just hear more about it feel free to contact us at:

Join our all new FB site for more info and updates:
Dreamscape Imaging

We'll have special offers on tubes today and during the weekend so check in on our site later today and take advantage of them :)

DreamScape Imaging
Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My week away and My new Markers

I was thrilled to get back home Monday evening. My new Pro Markers were waiting for me. I ordered a whole bunch, from Ebay before I left to visit my parents for a week. Last night I tested them. They are really great. It's very helpful to have more natural skin tones with less orange in them, it suits me much better.

I can definitely see myself addicted to Markers. They are just so different from what I am used to and I love the line art process which goes very well with my new project. I am ready to reveal it soon, just need the final touch to it and it will be released.

I had a wonderful time at my parents. It was really amazing to be a week at the country and just relax and have fun with the family. My oldest little brother was visiting as well, it couldn't be much better with our small family all together.
My dad turned 61 the 6th, sometimes I can't believe the time is running so fast.
He loves to cook so his gifts this year was kitchen related :)
I was also able to give him a special card created by Christene, a tagger friend who has a wonderful style. She designed it and I had it printed for him. He loved it very much - he's a big music lover as well. The drawing I did last year as his 60th birthday present, it's fairly large and done with charcoal.

Now that I got all the new lovely markers I might get around doing a little Easter drawing. All the soft pastel colours are perfect for it. My love took the week off so we'll be spending it biking, hopefully in the nice weather, drawing and staying up till late at night and listening to lots of music. I really look forward to this considering we were a week apart. It will be nice to spend some time together doing what we love ♥

This is the adorable Balloo, he's the cutest, we did a lot of running around the garden fighting for the Hippo :)
Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Canson Bristol paper review

I finally found some new drawing paper. It's not often they get new types of papers at the art supply store I mainly use. I was thrilled to see it, as it is a very smooth drawing paper type - my favourite to work with.

I've just tested it before I left for my parent's, on a charcoal drawing. It's great, works excellent with charcoal. You need to apply quite a few layers to get it all black but it's great to work with and to blend on. You can see the kitten in process. I will have the finished version when I get back home next week.

I definitely give it 5 out of 5 stars when it comes to using it with charcoal.
I look forward testing it with graphite as well, I imagine it's not quite as good being this smooth on the surface but we'll see.
The paper is thick, 180g/m2 and all white, no yellowish touch.
Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Oh my smile - Jorge holding my drawing

I was thrilled when Jenea, a friend and reader of my blog, wrote me about Jorge Garcia( Hurley from Lost) posting my drawing of him at his blog. I wrote him last year and sent a print of my drawing of him. It's the only "fanmail" I ever sent as I wanted him to know he made Lost that much better. He was my favourite character and in real life I think Jorge is a super guy. Lots of humour and cool posts, just down to earth and I really appreciate that with any people. when people don't take everything too serious and just value life and take if for what it is - and remember to smile =)

This made my day ♥

The blog post: link
Friday, 1 April 2011

April 1st Special


Shop Special

I will choose 1 random customer who has bought something from my shop between 1st-3rd of April and gift a free gift certificate on 20$ to use on any product from the shop.
I will announce the winner at my site and here at the blog Monday.

It doesn't matter how much you buy and it applies for all products.

Have a great first weekend of April!:)

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