Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A song in autumn

It's been very gray here lately, I miss the sun sometimes, especially these days where light is a luxury. It's very uplifting to your mood with just a bit of sun.

I can't say I have been drawing a whole lot this past weekend. I got lots of unfinished drawings laying around which I really want to finish. Most of them are pets and a few autumn inspired works I started early August already. Funny how I stopped working at them as soon as the actual Autumn came.

My boyfriend introduced me to a band called Glasvegas a few weeks back and I have been loving them every since, they are so very unique. Especially this one song, I adore the end part "You are my sunshine...":
Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My cute little niece Mandy

This is a drawing I did in August for my sis's boyfriend. Cute little Mandy. It's always hard for me to draw family because I always want to perfect it even more than usual.
She's done with charcoal, 8x11" (21x29.7cm)

Best Friend for my niece

This is a gift for my little niece, Mandy. I wanted to keep the colour theme in purple tones, mostly a warmer purple. I tried creating the wings in purple colours as well, as oppose to the normal neutral colours I use for wings. Mandy just had her room “purplelized” and I felt she should have a little drawing to go with it. Something really cute, dreamy and with bubbles - She loves soap bubbles and whenever I see bubbles it reminds me of her in summertime. She really is the cutest little girl, my sister is lucky to have such an adorable girl.

The drawing is done with colour pencils only, on Lana drawing paper.
11x8" | 29.7x21cm

Cute little Mandy, a few pictures I took of her in August. She was jumping around as I took these, I was lucky they aren't all too blurry:

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Little Stripe Kitten

This is one of the newest kittens in the bunch of my mom's. Even with pills one of the cats managed to get pregnant which means 4 new kittens to take care of for my mom.
I took some photos of them last time I visited. This one had a strange look to him, something very thoughtful and deep. I thought I would try and draw him like a portrait as he kind of reminds me of a human in his expression.

Done with charcoal, 8x11" (21x29.7cm)
Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Candy Dreams

I just finished off my Candy drawing. Originally made for the Candy Contest at the ZindyZone Forums: Link

She's done with soft pastels and measure 30x42cm (about 11x16")

I've posted the reference in a small version, just for you to see how I actually create a lot of my artwork:
Sunday, 12 September 2010

Candy WIP

Been drawing this Sunday and it's been really really nice. It's been a busy past weeks and I am happy I don't have any bigger plans the next weeks. I just want to focus on drawing, getting some updates done and some indoor cosiness ♥
Here's my latest drawing, wanted to do a candy-red-pink-cute girl. I worked with no reference (aside from the drawing up of the lines, I based that loosely on one of my photographs, to get the correct pose) to just enjoy it and not thing about correct shading and realism for ones and I am very much enjoying it.

Friday, 10 September 2010

2011 Limited Edition Calendar Pre-Order

2011 Limited Zindy Calendar
2011 limited edition art calendar Pre-order

I thought I would let you know next years calendar is now in pre-order.
It will feature 12 of my conceptual and fantasy drawings, mainly black and white works - 1 of them is an unreleased drawing, which you’ll be the first to see since it won’t be released until sometime in November/December.

First 5 to buy the calendar get a free 8x11” print. You can choose between any of the drawings featured in the calendar.

The calendar includes the following drawings:

…and more

The price for the calendar is 19.95$ + Shipping costs 10$ (I know, we have crazy shipping prices here in Denmark :/)
I also accept £ or Euros.

The calendar is expected delivered October 2010.

Pre-order calendar here:

If you aren’t already signed up at my store you can also buy it just by writing me a mail about it.

The design will be similar to my previous calendars, measuring 8x8" (21x21cm), you can see last years calendar here:

I have my calendars printed with a professional print company here in Denmark. The paper is thick and with a matte finish.

If any questions feel free to ask.

Finally some great great news

I couldn't be happier. We just signed the papers for our new perfect apartment last week - it's ours!=) It's an older apartment with so much charm and a huge kitchen, 5 rooms... and in our favourite part of Copenhagen - Amager. I can't believe it... come December 1st :) It was such a great feeling when we signed as this means we have to move no more.. and can stay in our favourite place of Cph. I'm so happy, it's an amazing feeling.

September 4th we went to the yearly Dark Market here in Cph. It was nice, were with friends and enjoyed the afternoon. A few pictures from the market:

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Autumn Melancholy

This is a gift for Sheryl, who's been such a great friend and supporter for years now. I used a photo of her cute daughter for the pose, replaced the wall with a tree and leaves to give it a magic autumn touch. A lot of my work in progress are autumn related, I wonder why ;)

Colour pencils.
8.2x11.2" | 21x29.7 cm

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