Tuesday, 9 August 2011

5 years ago

5 years ago I started dating my boyfriend Ralf. I met him for the first time 5 month earlier and already back then I had fallen in love with him. Fate didn't allow us to meet till 5 months later and since then I have loved him with all my heart. We've been through a lot in our relationship but things are finally more peaceful now. We bought a beautiful apartment late last year, it's hard to believe we have already been here for 8 months. I think I finally got that feeling that it's mine and that I belong here, and I feel safe here which I haven't since the accident. In the beginning it always feels like it's not really yours and I didn't hang a lot of stuff up yet. It's a strange interesting process of moving into a new home and actually feeling like it's your home. I am glad I feel that way now, as it makes me able to focus much more on everything else.

The drawing is me and my boyfriend with our symbolic animal. I love butterflies - he loves wolfs. I think in a way the animals represents us as well.
I’ve always seen the butterfly as incredible beautiful(going from rather ugly till something beautiful) but also a symbol of freedom, dreams and possibilities. It’s things I value highly in my life. Though I don’t see myself as beautiful as a butterfly I do love to create and find beauty in everything I do and as such it’s become an important part of me and my work.
My boyfriend is the strong and loyal wolf. He's my rock. He's also the soft, thoughtful man only few get to see.
I think even though at some points we are very different we also complement each other well, I’m the dreamer – he’s the realist...

Now I'll go spend the day with my love ♥


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