Saturday, 31 July 2010

Against the wall

I wanted to try a striped wall and that was pretty much my motivation for this piece. I used an old photo of my friend for the pose and changed it up a little. I won't say much else about the piece.

Made with soft charcoal on acid free drawing paper.
(29.7x21cm | 11.7x8.2")

Available as print here: link
Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ivies Girl Give away winner + New Give Away!

Ivies Girl Give Away Winner

I’ve decided to give the bookmark + postcard of Ivies Girl to Sarah from Oregon, USA. Please email me your address and I will have it shipped to you soon.
The give away: link

Keychain Give Away

I just found these key chains. I ordered them a year back to see if they were a products I liked and decided to go with something different – the ones I make myself as I preferred those. So, I decided to give these away to someone who genuinely likes them. All you need to do is write a comment with your name and where you live and you might get them. Remember to let me know which of them you like as I will give the key chains to 2 different people :)

It went away + new corset

It went away before we even knew it

The concept is very close to Watching it fly: link
After parting with it I felt like doing a similar drawing.

I borrow my new corset to the girl - I hope she's happy :D

I just love it, I can't wait to wear it for The Dark Picnic in a few weeks ♥

Ref photo:
Monday, 19 July 2010

Flower Girl - White Rose

I did a new drawing in the Flower Girl series; White Rose.

I used the cute Ester from my forum as model for this one. I used a bunch of my new Derwent Pastel colours. The art store had a lot of them on sale, and while I already have a few of them I bought a bunch more in different colour tones and they turned out to work great with my rougher paper. I guess I will be using them more than I used to in the past now I got more colours to choose from.
Anyway, here she is, hope you like her :)
11x8 inches. Available as posters and more here: link

The Tropical Zoo - Randers Regnskov

I am back from a wonderful family vacation. I finally got to see Randers Regnskov (A tropical zoo) and it was pretty amazing. I did expect to see lots more butterflies but I am not disappointed as everything else was really interesting as well + they had a pretty big aquarium downstairs which I very much enjoyed. I mentioned a while back when I was creating my angelfish drawing how I was preparing for my large mermaid drawing. I finally feel ready to sketch up the rest of the fish and corals and start giving her some colour. I got to take some really nice photos of a dragon fish. He was pretty amazing. It was like he knew I needed the perfect shot cause he came so close to the glass and just kept still for me to take a lot of photos. He was beautiful and even more interesting as I have had a small obsession with Feeding Frenzy 2 on our PS3 and he was one of the finishies I could eat while I worked myself up through the food chain ;)
Little video of the game if you are into small cute games you might like it: link

So anyway, going to the rain forest zoo is something my bf and I have talked about since we starting talking 4 years back and it was great finally experience it. We came for the butterflies mainly but got so much more out of it. I loved it! Thanks much to my bf for taking there ♥

Here's a bunch of photos, I might post more the following days just wanted to show you a bit for now:

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Butterflies and Teardrop ACEO

Tomorrow I am going to see lots of beautiful butterflies, at a trip with my bf =) I can hardly wait, it's something we have planned since we met and it will be quite special.

This is an ACEO drawing from late June, Teardrop:

She's up for auction on Ebay:

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Blossoming Dreams

While I am not much home drawing these days I created this drawing, as a little gift for a girl from the forums, Valerie. She sent me a photo of herself lying on a rock and I immediately pictured her lying in the trees surrounded by cherry blossoms. I'm working with a new skin color and I really love the natural look it has when used with the rest of my usual skin colors.

Just a little reminder to keep dreaming and believing, even through hard times.

Made with colour pencils on Lana drawings paper (150g/m2).
7x4.7" | 17x12cm
Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dark Hope - Part 3

Model, Lisa:

After a busy and fun weekend I am back with the pencils, worked another 5-6 hours on the drawing. I am always surprised how time consuming a medium color pencils are, yet I love working on it, despite the slow process.

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