Friday, 29 June 2012

For the sad hearts

Been listening to Seether - Forsaken (link) a lot lately and this is what it has inspired me to do so far...
Pastels, charcoal, markers.
Dedicated to the sad hearts out there.
Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Back with my pencils

So I am back home again, drawing. I always have so much energy after visiting my parents, probably all the fresh air, lots of exercising and a different every day.

Here's a few of the drawings I am working on and will complete over the next weeks:

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Photos of my first days here

I've been here 2 days and already I feel so much more relaxed. It's so nice here.
Yesterday I spend the day in the garden with this little cutie:

 I took this photo in the train on my way to my parent's, the sky was so beautiful.

 The road to my parents...
Look where this little cat decided to take a nap, she just woke up in this photo :)
Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sheldon Cooper - Bazinga

I am very happy to show my latest portrait. For one it's a guy and indeed a really cool guy!:)
The fantastic Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).
The Big Bang Theory is simply awesome, we are going a little crazy at the moment watching all the seasons.

I got really caught up in this portrait, which I haven't been since I drew Hurley from lost a couple of years ago.

Done with charcoal, 30x40cm | 8x12"
Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Changes, guess an actor and give-away break

I recently made some changes in my life (see previous post). I've decided to start focussing more on what I truly love and have a passion for - which is my art, photography, my dear friends and most of all my family. Sometimes you can lose complete focus of what you really want and care about and as a result you don't do things whole hearted anymore and the passion slowly dies. This year I've worked hard on getting back to what I love the most and to become complete again. I think I am slowly getting there and I am feeling positive about the future.

I will also be doing a lot more blogging in the future, especially doing the summer which I have a feeling will be really good this year. I hope I am able to do more tutorials and little videos of me drawing as well.

I recently got an all new tripod - my very first - and I plan to start doing more photoshoots, with myself in front of the camera as well. I already have the clothing ready for the first shoot and can't wait to get started in a few weeks when I return back home.
Here's a little sneak peak on my corset.

As you know I started the monthly give away to a follower/commenter earlier this year. I have decided to take a little break from it over the summer. I am not excactly sure how my summer will turn out and I would like to start fresh when Autumn comes and I hopefully will be back into the blogger-rutine.
You are of course still more than welcome to comment as I always love to read your thoughts.

In the end I would like to show you my latest portrait in the making. It's been a lot of fun drawing him, can you recognize him?

Taking a break

Taking a break

After 2 busy years building up Dreamscape Imaging with Lisa Ansell (Dark Yarrow) as well as the wonderful team who's been by our side, I've decided to take a long needed break from DSI. It's been hard finding the time for everything and DSI has been taking a lot of time away from what I love the most - my art, friends and family - not to mention blogging.

It's time for me to focus completely on my art and my website and getting back into blogging regularly as I miss it. There's many things I've been postponing for a long time due to lack of time and energy.
I miss dedicating myself to bigger drawing projects and doing some of the things I used to love, such as photography and other crafts. I also have my art book in the making which I hope will finally be released this year.

Thanks to everyone who's supported me past many months helping me maintain it all in DSI, you've been incredible.

I am happy to tell you Lisa is now back and will be around. She's been missed and I am sure she will do wonderful.
Please address any questions regarding DSI to her in the future. Contact emails in DSI all stays the same but with a new staff.

Thanks to everyone involved with DSI, the team, customers and talented artists ♥
Friday, 8 June 2012

New Angel in process

My latest work in process. It's a quite personal piece of mine as I recently said goodbye to something that was in my life for years. I know that with every end there's a new beginning and I look forward to a great summer with many new experiences.
Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Spring Breeze

 This was done because I wanted to express how much I'm in love with the ocean and the fact that I can now go there every other day.
After having back issues for years I'm now finally at a point where I run regularly again and words can't describe how good it feels. There's nothing like running near the water and just feel that spring breeze.
Running has always given me so much new energy and inspiration, and a drive like nothing else. I feel it's an all new beginning for me in many ways.

Colour pencils, marker, soft pastels.
21x29.7 cm | 8x11"

New Rubber Stamps

All new rubber stamps available at Crafts and Me:

Here's a few cards done with the latest stamps:
If you have done any cards I'd love to see them and add them to the collection at my website:

Friday, 1 June 2012

June Newsletter

The June Newsletter is out, see it here:

It's angel month + lots of new postcards available.

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