Saturday, 20 August 2011

My birthday and more

I've just celebrated my 32nd birthday on the 18th. I had a truly wonderful day with lots of fun. I decided to go visit Tivoli, a world famous family amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. We always go there each October for the yearly Halloween show. It's a fantastic place as it's very beautiful, filled with flowers and a great atmosphere. This time we actually tried the roller coasters and I loved it. Been 6 years since I last did that and now I wonder why :)
I loved this one in particular, as I love fish... and it was meant for kids so very Zindy-friendly.

My love gave me the best birthday present, a set of Luminance colour pencils. Those are my absolute favourite pencils but I haven't been able to afford but a few singles since they arrived in the Creas art shop. I was obviously thrilled. He also did a cute little drawing card for me, which I love just as much.

Oh he also bought a little strawberry cake, I love strawberries so it was very sweet.

We had dinner at Tivoli at night and it wasn't bad either. Ralf took a few photos of me meanwhile(the one at the top).

Awesome day really, not too bad to get older as long as you have fun.

Today we went shopping new ink and paper and I found a speaker set I could afford (and was my taste design wise) so now I finally have sound on my computer.

And at the very end I am very very close to completing my Autumn Walk. Spend another 8 hours on the forest yesterday and happy to say I only need to complete the top left corner at this point.


Blog Talentosa said...

You're kidding you celebrated 32 years old! you
look so young! congratulations!!! I just loved
these Luminance pencils! how does that work?


ego.ludio said...

Happy Birthday Zindy. How is it possible that you look so young? I wish you all the best four you for the next year :)

nihrida said...

First of all - Happy birthday, Zindy!
According to the photos it looks like you had a great time in Tivoli. And your B-day gift... Whoa!!! Those must be some great pencils. I might have to try them, although I'll have to buy them separately, one by one. Can't afford them either.
The drawing looks great, can't wait to see it finished. :***

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Dear Carolina, Thanks so much.
The colour pencils are fantastic, very soft and cooperative :)

Thanks Ego... not sure, guess I am just lucky?:) I think age will catch up with me sooner or later though :)

Thanks much Nihrida, I sure did =)
Yeah I know the bestest gift ever, I so love them. You really should, they are quite amazing.

Helene said...

I love that ride too. :D Glad you had such a wonderful birthday. So excited to see Autumn Walk finished!

Strawberry said...

I am so glad you had an amazing birthday Zindy. Spending it with the person you love always makes it nice! big hugs!

BeautifulDisaster said...

Happy Belated Birthday Zindy!!! Glad to hear it was a blast!! :D <3

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