Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cover and Interview

I'm featured in the French magazine; Les Soupirs de ligeia in July. You can read my interview about why I like Gothic art, my inspirations and much more.

The issue can be bought here (July, number 3):
Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Night Sky

I've just completed something special for next year. I can't wait to show you when it arrives... been a busy 24 hours for sure, phew =)

The evening sky is so pretty here, all purple and pink. For the first time in a while we had a full day of sun.. almost feel strange with all the rain, wind and cold we've had here.

This was pretty much the past weeks:
Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New product teaser

I am excited to tell you I will get a new product in my shop very soon :)
Saturday, 23 July 2011

Autumn for my mom

This drawing I started a few days back. It's going to be a dedication to my mom. She loves green and Autumn colours. When I showed her a little version through MMS she loved it and already wanted a print, which really made me feel great about the drawing.
I feel so Autumn as I have already explained so why not draw Autumn too?

It's done in colour pencils again and will be about 30x40cm(12x16").

I have just started working on my 2012 calendar which this year will be a collection of my colour pencil fantasy works from 2010-2011. I think this one will be included as well.

I also planned to have the flower girls series out as calendar in 2012 but am beginning to wonder if I will make it considering I am still not done with all of the girls. I seem to lack the inspiration for them. There's been so much this year with great projects and opportunities and I pretty much haven't done any pastel drawings this year. I think it's been a year of colour pencils, which is definitely rare for me I always work mainly in charcoal. However, the year is far from over and I predict the Autumn and Winter will bring me many darker ideas perfect for the charcoal medium.

All I know is I am in a very dark Autumn-Like mood and I hope it continues a little while longer.
Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dead Rose

Lately I've been in a very dark mood. Maybe it's the rainy summer we have here, I almost feel Autumn in the air. When running today I could feel that colder windy weather with a bit of rain.
I seem to mostly do vampire/dark themed drawing when it's Autumn and Winter.
The drawing is done with coloured pencils of all brands.
30x40cm | 12x16"

She's available as print through my shop: Link
You can get her as mousepad, poster, cards and more here: Link
Friday, 15 July 2011

Bookmark Give-Away

I decided to have a little give-away over the weekend.

This time a bookmark of my all new vampire drawing; Unforgivable Sinner.

All you need to do is leave a little comment about what you like in the drawing and where you come from. (You don't need to have a gmail or anything, everyone can comment on my blog without being logged in)

Please remember to check back on this post as I will edit it with the winner name and location Monday. Afterwards you need to contact me through mail with your address.

The bookmark goes to Prik, from DK Sydfyn. Please send address and you'll receive it soon :)
Loved reading all the interesting comments ♥

Unforgivable Sinner

I just finished the last lines on my new vampire drawing. I was contacted by a vampire site recently which inspired me to do a new vampire girl, a theme I haven't worked with for over a year. It's a rather serene drawing with the "sinner" feel in center as oppose to the raw vampire (animal) which is often portrayed with vampires.
I loved showed like Angel and Buffy and the hurt soul of Angel is what I love about the vampire theme it adds something fragile and beautiful to them instead of vampires being cold hearted killers.

The title is special to me. It's the very first song I ever heard of my favourite singer for about 12 years now; Lene Marlin. She has the most beautiful voice, most heartfelt and deep lyrics, to me her music is pure art. If you don't know her you should visit her website and listen to some of her songs and you will know what I mean.
The song has nothing to do with anything vampire though I just found it suitable for this particular drawing.

I wanted to keep my drawing rather light and fading. My first thought was to add a detailed background but as I did the stone cross and the girl slowly came to life I felt it was much better to keep it white and pure.

It's done with coloured pencils, 30x40 cm on the all new Viking Norma drawing paper I bought earlier this week. I highly recommend it for coloured pencils. It's very thick and it scans much better than any other paper I've used for coloured pencils. It's very matte and don't have that usual touch of yellow. If you can, try it!:)

Reference are from a photo shoot with my often used model, Anja-Amanda and the cross is from a shoot I did a couple of years back at Vester Kirkegaard in Copenhagen.

Goodnight all!♥
Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Drawing Paper + New bloody drawings

Yesterday I went shopping with my boyfriend and found some new paper =) I'm very selective when it comes to paper and am yet to find the perfect paper for colour pencils and graphite. This new one from Viking Norma has such a great smooth matte texture and I had to test it out on both a coloured pencil drawing as well as a graphite drawing, pretty much at the same time. I think it works great with both and it's especially great with colour pencils. It's still not perfect for me but it's pretty close.

I will post the final versions of the vampire and "sad girl in the wind" in a few days when they are both completed, I was just exited to show you already :)

2 Original drawing Auctions

Last week I was doodling a bit and did these 2 small ACEO drawings. I have put them up on Ebay if you should be interested:

Have a great weekend ♥
Friday, 8 July 2011

Fairy Give Away + Fairy Series

Winter Rose Fairy
The last fairy in the series; winter.

I really enjoyed doing the 4 fairies and I am happy to be able to say it's my first finished series =)

The seasonal fairies

I have a little give away at my Facebook:
Facebook Fairy Giveaway

All the fairies are available though my shop and Zazzle.

Just let me break

Just let me break
21x29.7 | 8x11"

Ref: link

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