Monday, 7 March 2011

Winter Heart

This drawing was inspired by a sadness I have at the moment. Sometimes I just get so disappointed in people, I feel like you never really know people and sometimes I feel like I should just stop letting people in. Then again, I don't want to turn into a cold person and I want to believe in the good in people even though lately it's been hard.
I guess I'm just a little blue. Today the sun is shining and I feel much better.

Me holding the drawing, to show just how small it is:


Jonna Axelsson said...

Beautiful picture :) I wish I could draw like you. I feel like that all the time and I just don't care about them and just care about the people that are really close to me. I guess I've already turned into a cold person. :)

anwerosa said...

Don't be sad Zindy, just look for the good in people, in your life and you will find it.
Your drawing is beautyful, so it's not so bad when you're sometimes sad.

D. said...

I know how you feel. I felt the same yesterday [and almost all the time].. I feel like everyone is so superficial and if I act like I dont care people will get mad at me [and I don't like that] but if I act all nice they will do something bad sooner or later. I can't trust anyone. :)
So yes, your drawing says it all.

Esee said...

Like the person above said, beauty comes from sadness sometimes like your sad drawings and thats a good thing. Yes, people disappoint you sometimes, but we all do it to each other, because nobody is perfect. I will admit I have been hurt by people and vice versa, but at the end of the day I know I am and WANT to be a good person, so thats what I will continue to do and work on whenever I mess up. Be a good person because YOU want to. It will make you feel better about yourself knowing that you didn't change because of how someone else made you feel. Its just a part of life sometimes so its better to just accept that. I remember the first time I saw your website how blown away I was and how I kept looking at your drawings over and over, because I was so inspired. Now THAT is what matters!! :)

Strawberry said...

Please don't stop letting people in Zindy! I love your spirit! You are a special soul. Yes, there are some not so nice people in the world but I believe there is more good than not! You can do things to protect yourself but don't put up a barrier. Otherwise, I would so miss my friend!! big big hugs!! I love your drawing and can't wait to get a copy!

Pauline said...

Oh my, it's so tiny!

I hope you feel better by now, forgetting about the bad stuff - some people you let in are nice, too ^^

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