Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sunshine, drawing and shopping

Today has been a great day. It's been yet another day of sunshine and I am loving it. Above is the room I sit and do my computer stuff - look at all the light - been a while!:)
Yesterday I saw a girl walking around in short sleeves and couldn't help but think how she would be in bed next week with a bad cold. It's pretty optimistic to walk around like that already considering the wind is still very cold here, despite the sunshine.

Guess what I found today - more butterfly stuff for the kitchen and blueberries at half price! I love blueberry and banana smoothie; it is the best, especially in the morning.

Last but not least I found my 3rd flower girl and am about to finish her up. I started her June last year already and put her away - it's such a bad habit of mine :/ I am using the beautiful Joelle as model, she agreed to take a photo for me last year for my drawing, which I was very happy about. She's perfect for this lily flower girl.
Have a great weekend everyone!:)


nihrida said...

Yay for blueberries! =) And butterflies. =)
This drawing already looks amazing and I feel like a parrot, 'cause I'm always repeating myself. I agree with you - you have a great model.

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Aw, it's okey, I know it's often hard to find new words when you mean the same :)
We have the greatest blueberry yoghurt in Denmark, I just realised a few months back I could eat it without getting stomach pains, usually I can't eat yoghurt which is sad because I really love it.

Jenea said...

Hi Zindy! You are so artistick! Your work is fantastic!! I like it soooo much! Your room is looks so interesting and beautiful! I think that you have very positive aura!!!! ;)
Happy weekend!

Katerina Koukiotis said...

love your computer room zindy is so open and love all the natural light!!
Unfortunaley where i have to work the room doesnt have much natural light .

I know what you mean seeing people walking outside with short's been surprisingly warm here too but the weather can be very tricky and easily catch a cold if you're not careful.

Love your new artwork looks lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your work in progress, it amazes me how you can get so much detail with the materials you are using. I bet it takes a lot of layering. I love it.
I also sent you my entry to the butterfly contest, I hope you like it.
<3 Lisa
P.S.: I have a banana and mixed berries smoothie every morning to get me going, I love smoothies :)

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