Friday, 30 September 2011

My week + new work

My week didn't turn out as I had hoped. I was sick with migraine for the past 3 days which set me back with everything. Sometimes I just wish I could stop time and breath so deep and peacefully in silence. I feel I can't keep up at times and being behind all the times can be rather frustrating. I am glad I had some understanding customers so I can relax this weekend and catch up with everything next week.

Weather has been incredible beautiful this week, it almost feels like spring, the smell - the feel. Strangely enough when winter is just around the corner. As much I love it it also worries me that things are so strange with our world. It wouldn't surprise me if next week we have strong winds and maybe even snow.

My calendar is still not all completed as I can't seem to kick myself finishing the front cover. Maybe it's due to me trying something all new with mixing medias this week. I'm always very excited when I try something new or re-find my passion for old things.

At the beginning of the week I posted the little ACEO; A Gothic Dream. It was my first time using markers with colour pencils. I really like how it looks as it gives such a nice base for skin. When drawing on grainy paper it can be hard to get the colour pencils to look even, not to mention the scanning. It tends to make things look worse. I miss my old scanner which was closer to the originals.

I definitely think it's something I want to continue doing and testing some more.

This week I drew on my all new fairy work; Winter's Sleep. It's my first big and detailed drawing mixing things. I feel a little proud of it, which doesn't happen very often with me.
She's 40x40 cm | 16x16", created with makers and colour pencils.
She's going in my fantasy calendar, in fact she's the last drawing.

Pale Rose ACEO was a little drawing I did after A Gothic Dream late at night when testing again.

With this post I wish you a happy weekend. I hope mine will be better.


nihrida said...

I hope you're feeling better now... Migranes can shut you down totally. Don't worry about it, it will pass and you'll get to work when you're better. I love the Winter's Sleep. So detailed + I love the colors.

Giuseppe Bianco said...

You are amazing. So glad I discovered your work. I am an instant fan!

Karen Middleton said...

Hi Zindy

Hope you're feeling better, I know just how migraine can knock you out :(

Winter's Sleep is lovely, I like the hair, pose and colours. I hope just knowing you can produce such beautiful art will carry you through the times you're not able to get anything done.

Karen Middleton said...

Hi Zindy

Hope you're feeling better; I know just how migraine can knock you out :(

Winter's Sleep is lovely, I like the hair, colours and pose. Just know you are able to create such beautiful art, which I hope will carry you through the times you're not able to do all you'd like.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

love both of these!

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