Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Help me with new cover drawing

I am just about to complete the final 2 drawings for my fantasy 2012 calendar.
This is going to be the cover of the calendar. I originally intended for Snow White to be on the cover but felt I wanted to do something special for it this year.
It's going to be about summer memories, not necessary bad, just that feeling you sometimes have when things you enjoy so much end. It's definitely not about my summer this year as it was not very memorable but just in general when you have a great time and don't want it slipping away.
My first idea was actually to have a carved heart in an old tree and then sky fading out towards the left side maybe with a bit of grass showing.
Maybe I should keep it more simple or add more details to the background. If you have any suggestions to scenery or anything else please share, it might get me some inspiration to do a really nice background.


~Schnegge~ said...

For me I like Your Idea with the Heart in the Tree a lot....it´s a Symbol for a lot beloved Memories...Perhaps a Butterfly which takes a lil fading or broken Heart away
I know You will do a Great Work, You always do a great Work
Hugs Angela

Angi said...

That is gorgeous Zindy! Just an idea but I love doves and they always seem to fly away when summer is leaving and I love weeping willow trees too but I'm sure anything you do will be gorgeous :)

nihrida said...

I'd love to see an Irish seaside background. I don't know exactly why, but I think it would look very cool with her hair in the wind... =D

Do what you think would look best, I know it will be amazing when it's done.

Toria said...

lol Maybe have a willow tree with a carved heart on it, sitting on the cliff above the ocean. :) Maybe do a sunset. Seems like sunset would fit best with that time. I think you've said you like cherry blossom trees (sakuras? I don't know what they're called.) Maybe you can do those trees with the blossoms blowing away.

Nicole said...

Hi Sweetheart...

I LOVE the carved heart, fading sky & grass idea so much...I can actually envision it in my mind <3
Love it...and love you so much!

Strawberry said...

zindy have you ever tried to draw a waterfall? cant wait to see your calendar completed. i love my "best of zindy" calendar!!

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