Friday, 9 September 2011


Here she is finished. I called it June because it was an emotionally bad time for me. I believe I have put the worst behind me now and with Autumn approaching I am positive the rest of the year will be better and happier.
I feel as if the girl in my drawing looks sad but also as if she's dreaming herself away from everything and hide her "emotions" with her hand.

Done with graphite pencils.
40x30cm | 16x12"

Thanks to Samisox-Stock


Anonymous said...

August was bad for me. I've never known a month like it in my entire life. But here's to Autumn and natures New Year! New beginnings for all!

On a side note, I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of any blogs you've posted about the general process of how you create your drawings, ie initial concepts, sketching, references, drafting etc and how you logically go about the process of what you do. How do you choose the look and fashion and pose of your subjects? Is it reference or models or a mix or imagination? What are your resources etc. Your kind of illustration is something I've always admired (fantasy, graphic, conceptual illustration and art) but I have no technical knowledge of it and I'd be fascinated to see how you work in that respect to see what skill sets I can improve on. I'm assuming you must do quite a bit of life drawing but how do you get inspired for the other non-real aspects. Any advice, guidance you're willing to wing my little way would be greatly received. Otherwise I respect that artists can be quite private about their working process and you may not wish to reveal and that's fine too. Either way I really value the quality of your work and blog and it's a constant source of wonderment for me. Keep up the great stuff!

nihrida said...

Beautiful one. I like her boobs. =D Yes, I'm kind of obsessed with boobs. Can't help it.

BTW: I hope you'll really have a happy autumn and winter. You deserve it.

Theodora R. said...

Amazing! I love how you drew her hair :) She kinda looks like Christina Aguilera ;)

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Nihrida, thank you dear ♥ it means so much to me really. Oh and I know what you mean, she really has nice well placed boobs ;)

Thanks Theodora, I didn't see that resemblance till you mentioned it.

Lianne, thank a lot for your sweet words, I hope Autumn will be great for the both of us :)
I do post my process once in a while but maybe not in depth as you describe here.
I do have tutorials on my website but they are mainly focused on creating portraits and not so much about the fantasy work I do. Maybe I will do a little article about how I do my drawings from the beginning.

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