Friday, 5 February 2010

Diary of dreams

I was looking for a specific photo when I found my photos from Diary of Dreams’ concert in Copenhagen 2008. It was pretty amazing. It’s a band which had a big impact on me. I heard them in 2006 for the very first time, when my life was pretty much a mess. It somehow helped me through and inspired me a lot. If you take the time and really listen to their lyrics it opens up a brand new world, and the more you listen to a song, the more you get out of it. It’s like you can keep finding more meanings in it. I am not sure what it is about their music but for me it brought out a completely different side, the darker side and it helped me express a lot of the things I struggled with during that time. I didn't really embrace my darker side till that year and somehow it was such a relief. Sometimes you need to be open and break free from your "normal" before you feel you are yourself somehow. Growing up listening to mainly boybands and general pop and R'n'B this was really something different and it opened up a brand new world.
I would pretty much listen to them each time I was running around the lake, where I used to live by. It is indeed amazing how someone's music can help you through. For me they will always stand as one of these things I look back at and remember exactly how things were, the feeling I had. The same period of time I listened a lot to Dioroma, Taking Back Sunday and Don’t die cindy, which to my sad surprise no longer exists. They were such a promising band but I guess they didn’t make it. If you are able to, listen to Unclothed and Honest; my all time favourite song.
Anyway, back to the photos, they are not the greatest quality, it’s always hard to take concert photos but just a few to give you an idea of the atmosphere.

Adrian and I, it was supposed to be my boyfriend by his side as he has been a fan for a very long time but he didn’t want to so I did :)

Here I was getting my boyfriend’s CD signed for him.

If you do not know this band try searching for them on Youtube, Flood of tears, Wild, Sin Skinner, Victimised, The Curse & Darker are some of my favourites but there are so many to choose from.


Jenea said...

Flood of tears,- is good song, I found in Youtube! I like sometimes to play on my guitar, so I like diffrently guitar covers!!! The show Lost had a big impact on my life!!! Zindy, you begin to watch final season of Lost??? Please look here:

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Yes, I have, it's strange as always :D But I love it of course...
I wish I could play the guitar too :)

Natalia Fênix Gótica said...

Ahhhhhhhhh que inveja ele é perfeito...Lindo...

Jennifer said...

I LOVE this band, you are sooooo lucky!

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