Sunday, 31 January 2010

2 new bookmarks + give-away

I hope you all had a nice weekend, mine wasn't very good but tomorrow a new week starts and hopefully it will be much better and brighter.

I designed 2 new bookmarks today, with my latest Dark Lily and Unleash the butterflies. I wanted them to be a bit special.

I would love to give away 1, to one of my readers. If you'd like one of them just write which you like and you might be the one getting it. I will choose randomly as I can never really decide otherwise when I do these give-aways.


Val said...

I love Unleash the butterflies. It has such a deep meaning to it and I can close my eyes and feel the meaning of it. And I love reading, it fits with almost every book I own =P

nihrida said...

Oh, it's a bookmark already? I can't pass this giveaway. =) Both are gorgeous, so it's hard to decide. I'd probably choose Dark Lily. I know it was a challenge for you to draw lilies...and I admired your WIP of it.
BTW: Guess a lot of us had bad weekend. Cold, full moon and negative vibrations aren't very uplifting.

Kassy with a K said...

Zindy, I am constantly amazed not only by your beautiful art, but by how wonderfully connected to your fans you manage to be, and how generous you are. Oh, and your endless positivity. *awe*

Even if you don't choose me, I think I will try to buy the unleash the butterflies bookmark anyway. My best friend and I admired that drawing for quite some time when you first posted it, and as she is an English/pre-law major who reads a LOT I think it would be the perfect gift for her.

Lauren said...

I love the dark one with butterflies! I've always loved the way you draw butterflies. It's a very beautiful piece to me. I honestly don't care whether I get chosen or not, but I think that you should know that your art really is great!


Verena said...

I think both are really beautiful! But i like the Dark Lily one a bit more ;-)

amintah said...

I prefer the "Unleash the butterflies".. It's just awesome and looks so mysterious .. Butterflies are such mysterious and beautifull creatures.. And the girl her eyes make it so special, the whole drawing is so mysterious...

Jenea said...

Hi dear!!! I like all your work! Of course I don't think that i can to win, but I like very much "Unleash the butterflies"!!! Maybe because I like butterflies!!! ;))))
Have a great week!!! your friend from Moldova ;)

Ester DurĂ£es said...

Hi Zindy! :)
I love 'Unleash the butterflies', it's one of my favourite drawings from your artwork, I think you've been doing very beautiful drawings lately(I mean, even pretty than always!) :)

Crazymanicblonde said...

Hi Zindy..I adore "Unleash the Butterflies"..The drawing is like she is setting her Inner Beauty Free. Your work conveys so much feeling that can be interpreted in so many ways by many People and Children (Another one that my son thinks is Beautiful, lol)You know I am a BIG Fan of your art no matter what you draw x

Shirley & Adam x

Strawberry said...

I love Dark Lily. It looks like she has two faces. And of course, I love lilies. Both are very beautiful just like all of your art. hugs, Sheryl

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Thanks all ♥
I've decided to give the Dark Lily to Nihrida. Even though I only meant to give away 1, I am giving away Unleash the butterflies to Jenea for the cute message ;)

sexyblueeyes928 said...

very nice job on your new ones. They are both lovely and hard to just pick one, but i do love the unleash butterfly one, it has such deep meaning and touch worthy of it, and my best friend loves butterflies, if she was here today she would love it. Hugs

---=:[vegeta]:=--- said...

excellent, your drawings are wonderful, I figure (I taught myself, is innate, but it gives me time to practice, but I think if I do, I can be a good artist ... hahaha ....
greetings and get on with your excellent work.
Congratulations .....

PS: I am not speaking your language, so if it is poorly written is not my problem.jajajaja ... I am Chilean

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