Friday, 22 January 2010

My super cool boots and a mask

Yesterday I needed to shop some stuff for my sister and came across these amazing rain boots :D I totally love them and got them for about 15$. I guess I have a thing for rain boots, quite possible due to the fact we have lots of rain in Denmark and there really is no worries when you have a pair of these.

A few weekends ago my mom, sister and her daughter came for a visit and we went shopping, as girls obviously do. Among other things I found this mask I have been looking for. I mainly want to decorate it and use it for a photoshoot in the spring. I already have the design in mind, I just hope I manage to actually create it.

Besides that I have been using the past days decorating my new blog, I bought this program and I totally love it, I already made several designs. So you probably will see a lot of different designs in the future :)

Tomorrow we will go see Daybreakers at the movies, I have heard it's bad but we'll see.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Katerina Koukiotis said...

zindy love the boots and the mask!! i have a similar mask but your is prettier mine is just a plain mask i got it around halloween and it's white too,love the boots, i'm a big boot fan i love wearing boots during winter time, love the smiley face on them :)

and I LOVE your new blog design!!! wish i can do something like that!! which program did you purchase? if it's affordable mayube i can give it a try, it's beautiful i love blue one of my favorite colors and love the background!

nihrida said...

Now those are some hot rain boots! =) Can't wait to see what you'll do with this mask. I'm sure it'll look awesome.

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Glad you like them girls, I sure do =) Happy I got them for so little too, the normal price was 50$, they are shaped after your legs much more than normal rain boots. My latest pair was a light cream colour and had ribbons, sadly they got a whole near the bottom, sniff.

Katerina, the mask is just the plain mask, nothing fance yet, I wish it didn't have the middle part but it might be good when adding feathers upwards. We'll see, when I get home the accessories :D
The program is called Artisteer and I paid 130 $ for it. Quite a bit but I need it for more than just a blog design so it was worth it for me :) Maybe when things are a little less busy I can do one for you, if you'd like, I wouldn't mind :)

strainstrain said...

I love the boots...and I am not surprised you chose those with a smiley, baby;)

I am excited to see how Daybreakers turn out. We will know soon;)

Katerina Koukiotis said...

thank YOU,I would love that zindy you're so kind!! Only when you have time though, feel free to do anything you want i trust your taste and judgement ;)

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Me - don't like smileys ;)

Sure thing Katerina, just remind me if I forget, much to do at the moment. You already know what I am working with these days ;)

Pauline said...

I love the boots! Just the style I like, both dark and cute - and 15$ is incredibly cheap!

Reminds me I bought a striped Pink Panther sweatshirt this week, looks very cool and special too!

Jenea said...

Hi Zindy! I want so much your new cool boots too! It's very interesting and i LIke this little smile!

What program you use for your new blog's design!???? ;0)

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