Friday, 1 October 2010

October thoughts

So, it's October, I almost can't believe it... September went by way too fast but then again time always seem to fly by too fast. I wish there were a brake, just to make it stop and last longer once in a while. Especially the moments you just don't want to forgot. People always say time goes faster the older you get, even more so when you have kids. Time is such a strange thing and fascinates me in a way. I remember many years ago when a year would seem like forever but these days a year goes by so fast and suddenly it's your birthday again. It's already over a month ago since I celebrated my birthday and it honestly feels like it was last week.

It makes me want to work harder on what I want to achieve and to get the things done I want done.. some things have taken me many years and I just wish I could motivate myself better to finish them as most things just need the final touch or final decisions - that's where my perfectionism comes in the way. I guess most of the time you just need to do things instead of thinking you can do it tomorrow, cause tomorrow turns to weeks, weeks turns to months and months to years...

In 2006 my life was quite different and I had a drive like no other period in my life. Sometimes when you go through difficult things in life it can motivate you in a way like no other. The thing is; I always remember these periods, despite my rather bad memory and they stick to me like only few things does. It's always these periods when you feel the most lost, sad or struggling. Some kind of high or low in your life... all that is in between always seem to fade for me.

Meeting up with a couple of school friends this year made me realize just how much I don't remember. They would tell a story of how I forgot to lock the door to the toilet (at an independent school we lived at for about 5 months) and one of the handymen came in and I slammed the door right at him, not on purpose, but enough to make him swear really loud. She told me how I felt so bad after wards and was afraid he had seen me and would know next time I passed by him. And while I can easily imagine how much I had laughed too, when sharing my episode I just can't remember any of it anymore. It was in 2003. I wish my memory was better, I want to remember these episode that made life fun - like slamming a door at someones face ;)
I do remember quite clearly how often I had food poisoning as the kitchen was pretty bad. I especially remember one episode where I had kitchen duty and would throw out a whole bunch of milk being 14 days over the date... and the next day I got so much in trouble for it, apparently it's okey to give old milk to students.

In 2 months we are moving to our new home... it's weird. I do look forward to the move, I really do. Our new apartment is beautiful, so big, light and on the 4th floor like we really wanted. We are even going to have an art area at the end of our living room. It's going to be great. But a part of me also feels sad cause we are leaving a part of Copenhagen I really have come to love the past 2 years - Oesterbro. It's such a nice area, close to everything and I generally like how people are around here. But then again, we are moving back to where it all started. Where we first moved in together, even close to our old apartment. That I really look forward to. I guess it's just that feeling of feeling well here, like I know the area, feel safe. I'm not good at moving, I hate "breaking up" and I feel like I have a lot the past years. I like staying in one place - as long as I feel comfortable. So I really really hope I will at our new home.

It's weird, I enjoy the autumn at the moment but at the same time I feel a little sad because when the autumn is over a long grey winter is ahead. Winters can be difficult to get through in Denmark, because we have very little light. Last year we only had a few weeks of sun all together, for a whole 4-5 months. It was hard, the sun does wonders for our mood, especially when you see it seldom.

I guess I should go to sleep now and stop typing :) A few Simpsons should put me to sleep. I sincerely hope you all enjoy the beautiful colourful Autumn.


Strawberry said...

It's beautiful Zindy! I love all the white. I love the floors too! Can't wait to see how you personalize it!

Nicole said...

I absolutely love love love your new place...I'm sure you will be very happy there :)
I also enjoyed reading your journal...was lil girl <3
Love you and miss you lots...xoxo

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Sheryl, me too, it's so light and warm. It will be so perfect.
Aw, I am glad my Canadian mom <3 And it would be so awesome if one day you could see it in real life.
Miss you too <3

Pauline said...

Wow, these pictures make it look like it's such a perfect place!

I rely to what you said about time, even told C. this morning that it will soon be my birthday again - another one, seems it's my bd all the time, years are flying indeed :)

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Yeah, it's too fast isn't... better make the best of our time ^^
I think it will be, I love the fact it's so high, I really didn't like living in street level, always makes me nervous at night. We both just can't wait to move =)

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