Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ivies Girl Give-Away

Because I got such great feedback and motivation when I was struggling with the wip I am giving away a free bookmark + a postcard of Ivies Girl. All you need to do is write your name, where you live (again just because I am curious who follows my work). You are more than welcome to mention why you like it to.

The give-away will last until July 1st, post your comment before then and it might be you getting it :)


Anonymous said...

My name is Jackie, I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I love her eyes!

Anonymous said...

my name is Janin (Nhami from deviantART). I live near Cologne, Germany. :)
And I'm so happy you finished it! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hey Zindy,
This is Lisa from South Carolina :DD
I will send you something either today or tomorrow so you can expect it next week :) I hope you'll like it!
I love this drawing, it's one of my favorites because I love ivy and auburn hair and this has both :) I also like her eyes, she looks a little spacey and dreamy :)
love <3

Ester Durães said...

I'm Ester and I live in Portugal (just saying what you already know) ^^ I love this drawing and I've pointed the reasons why in DA but still... this is absolutely fantastic due to the way you're able to use colour, I've never seen someone who does skin look so smooth in colour ^^
keep up with the great work!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have a really long name. I shorten it to Maya. I'm from Bulgaria, currently living in the capital city of Sofia. Quite a long way out, you could say.

One reason why I am attracted by this image: Much with most of your drawings, they have a unique softness to them, and more importantly, they depict real-life faces. Faces you might spot in the street, not only in a dreamspace.

Dream on with eyes wide open!

Nessa said...

My name is Nessa (NyteRayne428 from DA) I live in Arlington Tx =]

Verena said...

I´m Verena from Germany ;)

I love the pose and the beautiful colours!

T♥R said...

lol I used to live in Arlington....Sorry, that just caught my attention...

Anywho...I'm Toria from Arkansas. I follow you on here, DA, and several other places. I absolutely love your work.

So I adore this picture. I love the colors, they go so well together. And it doesn't look all Christmas-y. If I had tried that, it would have looked like Christmas. Not that that's a bad thing or anything. But yours looks like Autumn and it's very lovely. I love her skin and the flow of her hair. I especially love how the leaves flow so well and add a touch of fascination to the picture. When I see her, it almost looks like she has a rather sad yet dazed look. She seems like she's trying to be strong about something, and it makes me want to know more about her.

That's just my interpretation of it, and it makes me very fascinated with it. But good job. She's very lovely!

Jenea said...

Namaste dear Zindy! In last time, I don't have so much time for Blogger, because I found my first work in my life, but specially for you I found a few minutes to write this comment. I understand that it's very funny, you already send to me your so kind gift ( honestly to say, right now I read one book, which is named - CHINGHISHAN, it is very intersting book and I just don't know -what I would do, without your bookmark). I consider, that if one of us, will receive your gift, this gift need to be used correctly, I want to say -that bookmark need to be into book. If man not read book, for what this bookmark needed to him!? :) A few minutes ago I make one order, for a 4 books about show Lost, so, I promise, what your bookmark, not would gather dust! =)
My sister, on this summer arrived to USA, to work, i THINK YOUR BOOKMARK WILL be Awesome surprice for my sister's birthday when she will come back, which will be at 19 september!

Like you know, I live in Moldova.Europe)

This angelic girl, have so beatiful green eyes!

Becca said...

i'm becca from chamblee, GA and you art is lovely and i've always appreciated your sharing your creativity with ALL of us. xxx

unholybam72 said...

My name is Stephanie and im from Indiana, USA
I don't think there has ever been anything you have made that I don't LOVE its all beautiful!!!

Cuddz said...

I am Suzy from England.
I love all your work, and this one is no exception.
I think it has a certain innocence to it, the eys seem to be calling out for something. The colours are gorgeous, and I love the way the leaves seem to crown her.
Thank you for all your beautiful work, but more so for sharing it with us.

Duvessa said...

I'm Henna from Finland.
You have amazing skills and I haven't seen any that I wouldn't like immediately!

Rosie said...

My name is Rosie. I live in Maine (USA).I love this image. I have purchased the tube already. Love your work Zindy!

Kassy with a K said...

hi zindy dear! i'm kassy from north carolina, usa. :)

i have really loved all of your flower girls, but i love the ivy girl especially because it's as beautiful as the others, but not quite as soft and girly, which actually makes me like it even more. heh. plus, i'm partial to redheads.

Joni said...

Hi Zindy, I am Joni from Montana. I love your work. The drawings look so real. Sometimes you can hardly tell if they are a drawing or real.

Sarah said...

Zindy, I've been a fan of yours since way back when in Nip's. My name is Sarah, and I live in the mountains in Oregon, USA. This is one of my favorites of all of your images, there's something secret in her eyes! Hoping you're making your beautiful art for us forever

loralei said...

I love your work Zindy and I live in Maryland USA
Your art is always so Beautiful hun
Keep them coming
Luvya God Bless

animal.lover.36 said...

Hi, my name is Hannah and i"m from Alberta, Canada. I love the expression and the ivy. :)

Francine Michaud said...

She's very lovely! I'd love to have this bookmark.


Lauren said...

My name is Lauren, I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

I really think this came out so well! The color of the ivy and her hair are so pretty, they honestly remind me of my husband's hazel eyes. Though he'd probably say they reminded him of mine, because we have the exact same vibrant shade of hazel. Keep up the great work, Zindy!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Zindy!
My name is Dominika [Ilojleen at DeviantART]. I come from Poland.
I'd love to get this lovely bookmark from you. I've been always admiring your artworks and it would be a huge pleasure to have one of your masterpieces on my own. Ivies girl is simple drawing, but simpleness is its power. I like the composition, I like the fact that you made her a red-head, and her green eyes are so intriguing. Ivy is an original choice. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hello Zindy,

I am such a fan of your art. Each piece seems to have it's own life. This piece is gorgeous and the eyes look intense yet mysterious to me. I love the color of her hair and think the wip is perfect.
I am in NewYork, USA

Kathlyn said...

Zindy, I've loved yourself for years. My first love was Emilie Autumn, Posted 20/8 -2007. I'm also a huge LOST fan and I'm so sad it's gone. I'm from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Keep your work going. It's true inspiration. - Kate -

Strawberry said...

Hi Zindy,
I am Sheryl from Valley, Alabama USA. I love your art...all of it. I love this picture with the ivy. You have captured the texture and color just amazingly. I love her green eyes. Green is one of my favorite colors. My eyes are hazel and my hair is red and when I wear eyes look really green. Its so sweet of you to share you art with us and to take the opportunities to give away your goodies.

Strawberry said...


Hi Zindy I'm Sherri, I live in Council Bluffs Iowa, almost right in the middle of the United States. I love this picture. I stamped ivy all around my house. I love the colors in this picture.

Kelli von Blond said...

I'm Kelli from Kehra, a little town in Estonia.
I love this pic, i've already noticed thatt things that I wanted to say, are already mentioned by other users, but oh well, I'll survive.
I love ivy, just how it crawls and grows and grows, there's ivy on one wall of my house, and it looks awesome. I also like the girl, her eyes and how she looks like shes dreaming. Also, getting that bookmark would be perfect, since it's my birthday july 4th.
Keep making those beautiful drawings and take care <3

Arrianne said...

Hey, I'm Arrianne from Austin, Texas, USA. I love your drawings.

xxdavidxdesrosierxroxxx said...

Hey my name is Natalie i live in Australia, your drawings are amazing i love how the ivy contrasts with her hair and how it makes her eyes stand out in this particular artwork!

LadyDisney said...

Hello sweety, Are you kidding me. I love your work. I have since I first saw you start posting I believe on Deviant art you where so young lol dang I feel old. I like your style and your drawing. it is soft and deep. love your detail every hair , eyelash lighting. you are very good and shuu one of my very favorites.
Natalie Cuerden
San Diego,Ca

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I'd totally love to get one of these ! My name is Pauline Da Conceiçao, I live in France. Ivies is the drawing that led me to watch your whole gallery on DA.

FaerieMajikk said...

hello, my name is Linz (Lindsay) and i am from NSW in Australia. This is a gorgeous artwork, i love the ivy and I have an obsession with green eyes

Nicole said...

My name is Nicole and I am from Germany :)
We are nabers ;)

I really love you artwork it's inspiring and I can't take my eyes off :)

Love Nicole ♥

brandi said...

waving hello to you Zindy from the beautiful west coast of Canada .. i always wanted to have hair that colour but hey, i am old enough now to have gorgeous silver threads in my dark tresses ... she just reminds me of a september faerie

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Thank you so much all of you <3 I will announce the winner as soon as I get back home from vacation. Thanks for your amazing words, means a lot to me!

Strawberry said...

Have a safe trip Zindy

LadyDisney said...

wonders who won..... wink

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