Saturday, 31 March 2012


Sometimes when things are going down hill consistently and you can't seem to save or hold on to the things you love in life you have no other choice but to go back to where it all started. 
Find yourself, the passion and start all over.

In many ways this is a symbolic and personal piece for me.

I've always had this love/fascination but at the same time fear of the ocean. It's so magnificent and holds so many secrets and undiscovered wonders. 
 I can watch nature programs endlessly, especially the coral reefs and the deep ocean fascinates me.

I kind of feel one with the ocean.

Charcoal, 30x42 cm.


Toria Mason said...

I love this...And it's true that sometimes you have to go back to where it started. I just had to do that the other day. Things have been bad - and that is an extreme understatement - with my love and I for almost a year now. We really love each other but things got so out of hand, went downhill so fast...So the other day we went to Zaxby's then walked around Walmart a bit, just like we did the day he first said he loves me. If I knew just how well that would work, I would have done it ages ago! I was told that going down memory lane was a lost cost, but it wasn't. So it's really true.

I've never seen the ocean but I'm so fascinated by it. It is beautiful and almost seems magical. But I'd be too terrified to get in or go far. There's some scary stuff in there, too. haha

The drawing is so lovely. The rather sepia look to it is really interesting. I love that she's looking away. I always want to do a drawing like that but I think I need to get better at hair. haha I like the little lumps in the sand around her. Gives it a nice touch. Really good job, as always!

Angi said...

That is absolutely beautiful Zindy! I too find the ocean fascinating. I've been to many oceans and have sat at sunset looking out towards the open waters deep in thought. The sound of the quiet beach in the early evening is amazing. You can actually reconnect with your soul if you sit there long enough and just look and listen. I love love this one! Thank you for sharing your creation Hugzzzz

Anonymous said...

Hauntingly beautiful.. as though it's like a dream and ur watching yourself I absolutely love this :D

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