Friday, 15 July 2011

Unforgivable Sinner

I just finished the last lines on my new vampire drawing. I was contacted by a vampire site recently which inspired me to do a new vampire girl, a theme I haven't worked with for over a year. It's a rather serene drawing with the "sinner" feel in center as oppose to the raw vampire (animal) which is often portrayed with vampires.
I loved showed like Angel and Buffy and the hurt soul of Angel is what I love about the vampire theme it adds something fragile and beautiful to them instead of vampires being cold hearted killers.

The title is special to me. It's the very first song I ever heard of my favourite singer for about 12 years now; Lene Marlin. She has the most beautiful voice, most heartfelt and deep lyrics, to me her music is pure art. If you don't know her you should visit her website and listen to some of her songs and you will know what I mean.
The song has nothing to do with anything vampire though I just found it suitable for this particular drawing.

I wanted to keep my drawing rather light and fading. My first thought was to add a detailed background but as I did the stone cross and the girl slowly came to life I felt it was much better to keep it white and pure.

It's done with coloured pencils, 30x40 cm on the all new Viking Norma drawing paper I bought earlier this week. I highly recommend it for coloured pencils. It's very thick and it scans much better than any other paper I've used for coloured pencils. It's very matte and don't have that usual touch of yellow. If you can, try it!:)

Reference are from a photo shoot with my often used model, Anja-Amanda and the cross is from a shoot I did a couple of years back at Vester Kirkegaard in Copenhagen.

Goodnight all!♥


Ester said...

wow it looks so beautiful, Zindy! :) I'm happy you didn't go for a background, it looks simple this way but so effective and pretty!
I don't know how you're able to transform pictures into your own fantasy vision but I just love this kind of drawings you do and, of course, I love the vampire theme as well ;)
I definitely have to look for that paper although I'm sure I've never heard of it or seen it around here... I'm still seeking for the perfect paper to use with coloured pencils and the one you refered seems amazing as you described it :)
Thank you & have a great weekend!

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Thanks much Ester, appreciate it ♥
I am glad you agree, I just felt it was done with the cross and vampire only.
I am not sure if it's even available online, I did a search for the brand and I couldn't even find anything about them so I am not sure if they actually wholesale online. It is amazing in many ways, I really like it so far.
You too Ester :)

Joane said...

Dear Zingy,
i love love love her expression. It has just the right touch of "broken" and her eyes seem to be looking far int the distance... The cross fits incely, too- I would've expected ivy on the cross so the flowers took me by surprise- a very nice detail =)

Much love, your friend Joane :*

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