Friday, 15 July 2011

Bookmark Give-Away

I decided to have a little give-away over the weekend.

This time a bookmark of my all new vampire drawing; Unforgivable Sinner.

All you need to do is leave a little comment about what you like in the drawing and where you come from. (You don't need to have a gmail or anything, everyone can comment on my blog without being logged in)

Please remember to check back on this post as I will edit it with the winner name and location Monday. Afterwards you need to contact me through mail with your address.

The bookmark goes to Prik, from DK Sydfyn. Please send address and you'll receive it soon :)
Loved reading all the interesting comments ♥


Anonymous said...

The overall softness of conveys a sense of innocence and then there is the pop of red which tells the real story. In regard to skill the composition is perfect and the contrast gives great depth.

Cécile said...

I love the beauty and the melancholy of your drawings ! It is just amazing !
Cécile from France

PRiK said...

Hej Zindy. Fedt at se, at du også er på blogspot. Er blevet fast læser :) Det jeg godt kan lide ved din tegning, er at det er en vampyr, men den ser ikke skræmmende ud. Den ser nærmest ensom ud og det gør den speciel. Jeg er fra DK - SydFyn ;)

Ester said...

wow you already have bookmarks of it and are doing a giveaway! how amazing, Zindy! :)
I've already commented on the drawing but here it goes: I specially love your attention to details (the flowers on the cross look amazing!) and how you're able to give the drawing a dark look even though the colours are so light!
& of course, I'm from Portugal ;)

Anonymous said...

Your work speaks to my soul. As a writer of vampire novles I find your work resonates with me. I especially love this one. She reminds me so much of my main character, Jade. Such beauty, a dark innocence... I Sheila and I am from the USA

ScottishButterfly said...

I love the Cross and the symbolism of something dark with something full of light and it is amazing I am from Joliet IL:)

Anonymous said...

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Hi Zindy, you are absolutely right about your feeling for this vampire. She almost has a look of sorrowfulness about feeding, it is a gorgous piece. Thankyou for sharing your talent with us

Nicole said...

It is the look of "Sorry, I couldn't help myself" that I love!!!! It's an excellent portrait Zindy...<3

T♥R said...

Toria, from AR, USA

While I do love the vampire idea to it, and I know that's what is intended for it, I can't help but find a more personal meaning in my interpretation of it. I can't help but see this from a Christian standpoint, especially when it comes to my own Christian life. Everyone thinks that Christian means perfect - which is so far from true. The only perfect being to ever walk the Earth was Jesus Christ Himself. However, we strive to be as Christ-like as possible. I don't know if it's my self-doubt, but I always feel even less perfect than normal Christians - even more of a sinner.

When I sin a lot, I find it hard to become close to God again. I become ashamed of myself. I can see that represented in this picture - with the cross sort of faded, and the girl having an expression that could be interpreted as shame. And the fact that she is looking away adds to the distance put between myself and God - like she is turned towards the sin, and therefore cannot see God. However, the cross appears close, which can symbolize how God is always there for us. The position of the hand can show how it pains the heart to create these troubles in the relationship.

I know this isn't how it was meant to be interpreted. But in my opinion, how much can people relate to a vampire picture? I have found a way to relate to this and make it speak to me on a personal level, which to me is always the best kind of art.

Anyways, sorry so long. :)

Strawberry said...

I love how you did the background behind her on the bookmark Zindy! Very nice!

Anchesa Kyamara said...

Hi Zindy, I joined your blog today and I love your artwork. When I saw your drawing this popped into my mind:
"it is the purest kind of sin, if committed in hope of salvation"

Greetings from the Netherlands. Keep it up :).

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Anonymous said...

Hello Zindy,
I have been looking at your drawings for a very long time and you never cease to amaze me. This drawing is especially amazing because of the softness in her gaze and the attention to detail!

Love your drawings! :)

Jessica said...

I love the cross w/ the flowers. Perfect! & I like how theres this softness of it and then when you look at the blood running down her mouth it's like "Evil (yet very cute) Vampire Chick" lol =D

-Jess for MD, USA <3

laura said...

i like how mysterious she looks

Aequili said...

Her eyes look vulnerable...I love how you did her hair and -don't ask- her nose looks great to me. Oh, and the cracks in the cross are also nice details.
It came out really good as a bookmark
Greetings from Germany

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