Friday, 27 May 2011

Black Pearls + Colourful Beauty

Beautiful reference: link

Not so long ago I went and bought some new colours, particular turquoise and orange/yellow colours and I don't have a whole lot of these. I've never been very fond of turquoise but lately I've started to see the colour differently. I wanted to branch out from the typical Zindy colours, if you can call it that. It's no secret I love pink, baby blue and basically all lighter pastel colours.
At the beginning of the year when I did With Love and Breathe in Breathe out, I realised how much more dramatic/powerful a drawing can get with brighter colours.

This one I've been working on and off on for nearly 3 weeks. It took a very long time creating the details + I haven't been much in a drawing mood lately. There's been much going on occupying me this month so it does feel nice to have some completed drawings finally.

My second drawing is one I did today. I was very determined this morning, to do a new colourful drawing, using turquoise again. I've gotten a few requests to do a shaped woman and it was nice to actually give it a go. I wanted her to have a beautiful strong face. So many girls (and boys) struggle with weight, sometimes it can feel like an endless battle.
Referene: link


Both drawings are done with colour pencils on Lana sketch paper.


anwerosa said...

Very nice drawings!

nihrida said...

WoW, beautiful! Yay for turquoise and yay for shapely girls! =) Both drawings are gorgeous as your works always are.

P.S: I think about you a lot lately. XD I just started reading a huge book (A Song of Ice & Fire) and your bookmark reminds me where to start reading again. =D

Alessandra CarreƱo said...

zindy! both are gorgeous, but i loved the second one! it´s so nice to see shape instead of skinny girls ( and i don´t just say that, i am kinda skinny, can´t get fatter... hehe). great job on the colors and pose! it´s funny how in the thumbnail it looks like she´s looking up left and when you zoom it you see that she´s looking right into you. beautiful drawing! by the way, i have a blog and feel free to visit: have you ever drawn from life? you explore poses well, i think you should try, it´s really nice!

Stravadorskiy said...

I love your drawings!

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Thanks to you all.

Nihrida - awesome =)

Alessandra - only a bit some years back. Mostly just sketches :)

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