Thursday, 24 February 2011

And again

Once again I was lucky and caught something, this time a 3 day thing making me throw up and not being able to eat. Last weekend was horrible, I'd take a double migraine at it's worse over this. Finally started to eat normal food again and almost enjoyed it.
Enough about sickness though, I'd rather tell you about how much I look forward to spring! I was talking to Ralf a few days back about how close we actually are to the spring here in Denmark. In about a month the birds will start singing much more and slowly everything will start to blossom and be beautiful and new again. And in 3 months time I will be going to the beach, I've missed swimming so much =)
There's no words to describe how much I look forward to it. I've pretty much been sick since the beginning of the year, if it wasn't a flu it was a bad cold. Aside from my migraine I am rarely sick so this was indeed something very new for me to waste so much time doing barely anything. Good thing I don't do New Years resolutions, otherwise I would be seriously behind by now ;)

I haven't been very productive this year so far. I don't really mind much as I feel the few pieces I have done have been some that I am proud of and something I learned from.

Yesterday I finally started a new piece. It has a bit of nature, fairytale and lots of details. It will probably drive me crazy before I am even half way through but I am very into it still so it should be enough to keep me going.
Here's a little preview of parts of it.


Anonymous said...

this looks sooooo good!

Ester DurĂ£es said...

I hope you'll get better, Zindy! :) you'll see Spring coming soon (and how I'm looking forward to it too!) and everything will get better and look better :D
the pieces you have created might not be that many but they are amazing and, as I've told you, I still believe you're very productive ;)
the new drawing looks beautiful! it looks a bit like Debbie to me but probably it isn't, looking something from the side isn't always the most trustable :P also, somehow it gives me an Autumn feeling... don't ask me why but when I saw the little image icon on my use panel, it looked to me like there were little leaves falling... silly, I know :)
can't wait to see it finished!

Anonymous said...

omg i can't wait to see the rest! and i do hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

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