Monday, 13 December 2010

Moving mess and stripes

I'm not very much on here lately due to the move. We are still in so much moving mess but slowly getting everything in order. During the weekend we painted one of our living rooms, a light grey. Next up is our second living room - dinner room - pretty cool to have such a one :) it's going to be a bit Victorian style, with striped walls on the lower part combined with red or purple on the top area, we haven't decided yet actually. We lent a book with stripes Saturday to see which would go well with the room.
What do you think looks better? I am more towards the purple whereas my love is into the dark red.

Moving mess:

The view when we still had lots of snow here:


Katerina Koukiotis said...

wow zindy it looks beuatiful even right now if you have a bit of a mess :) love the stripes, i'm so impressed you're doing it all on your own! good for you, i like the purple one better too, the red is nice too but i think it's a bit brighter i think sometimes darker colors go better or match other colors and furniture etc..

the view pic looks magical cant believe how much snow you got there :) looks like a little Christmas village :)

Pauline said...

Haha yes, you're still in the process of moving, it shows!

I prefer the purple one for sure, but maybe the red one would have a stronger contrast with the black and give a lil more light to the room.

T♥R said...

I think it just depends on what look you're trying to go for. The purple one gives a nice calmer, smoother look; whereas the red adds a fun, bolder look with nice contrast.

Also, you might take into consideration what else you will be putting into the room so that it won't clash.

Either way, they would both look nice =)

Lauren said...

I do love the feeling after moving and finally having everything in its place though that's for sure! Hope I can get my own place someday soon, I'd love to paint the walls how I want and to decorate.

As for red or purple, it's shown that red or orange in a dining room can actually make people hungry. So maybe the red would brings lots of energy during mealtime? I personally would choose purple for a different room, but red for the dining room. =) Hope you have a great holiday this year in your new place!

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