Friday, 28 May 2010

Bookmark Give-Away

I’ve decided to have another give away. This time of my latest drawing; Watching it fly

All you need to do is comment, leaving your name and where you live - just because I am curious who follows my work :) You are welcome to tell me what you like about the drawing too, is always interesting to know.

The give-away will last until June 3rd, post your comment before then and it might be you getting it.

I have the original drawing up for auction at Ebay here:


Verena said...

Oh beautfiul!

I broke my Bookmark this month, so its a nice giveaway :D

I think its a great drawing because its simple but has some beautiful details.

Verena from Germany :)

nihrida said...
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nihrida said...

Oh, that's so sweet of you to give away another great work of yours. =) I don't dare to say I'd want to win it...because I already got your bookmark with lilies. So thank you for that.
Other than that, I'm from Slovenia and I follow your work. I've been ''following'' you for years. First on your art site and now on your blog. Keep up the good work! =*

Edit: About this drawing - I love it, 'cause it's dark and yet gentle looking. The girl is wearing a corset and is beautiful. What else so I need to add. =D

Anonymous said...

My name is Kelly from Hubbard, Ohio.

I'll give the rest of my address if I *crosses fingers* win, right? I don't want some creeper finding me. Lol.

Agnese said...

I find this work emotional and I like it very much :)
Good luck with your further works :)
Agnese from Latvia

Duvessa said...

I really adore the fact that your drawings are life-like :) This is beautiful and I really like the look of the person in the picture.

~Henna from Finland

Nicole said...

Hello my name is Nicole and I am from Germany ;)
I know you and your art work for many years and it always captured me to try my best and I was in your forum, too, but hand't enough time to keep on and still be active.
You always make to try my best and now I really discover my passion for drawing :)

It would make me happy to win :)

Best greets from Germany ;)

Moni said...

Wonderful drawings!
Best wishes from Lithuania :)


Kelli von Blond said...

Hey, I'm Kelli from Estonia. Quite close to Denmark :)
I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE this drawing, especially because it's love-themed and reminds me of my crush, whom I miss sooo badly. Too bad I live far from him :/ Can't wait to visit him in the summer, love is wonderful <3

Lots of love from Estonia.

Anonymous said...

I love how you bring magic into a realistic picture.
-Johanna from Germany

Lauren said...

Beautiful! I love your work!

-Lauren From BC, Canada

Stichflamme said...

Another gorgeous piece
I really like your "gothic" and emotional works more and more.
You get better in putting feeling into it.

Sara, from Switzerland

carlotta1924 said...

i've loved your art since i first visited your website. your drawings have soul in them, and your drawing here is no exception. i also like the way the girl's hair flows, and how she looks as if she's waiting for something (or someone)

greetings from manila, philippines :)
- carla

Lauren said...

It's so simple with the heart, but I love it!

Lauren, from Las Vegas, NV, USA

Anonymous said...

I'm Kate from England, I've followed you for about nine months on DeviantArt and LOOOOVE every piece you produce!

I think this piece is wonderful as it has a multiple meaning for so many people. Personally it looks like she is on a search for the one she loves. Keep up the fantastic work!

Kate (BackyardSociety on DA) xx

Eden said...

Hello my name is Eden and I live in Bath, UK.

I came from deviantart where I saw your latest. You are amazing! I love your delicate shading and it really brings out longing for me. WoW!

Anonymous said...

Omg your giving it away! I would absolutely love to have this bookmark. If I won it I would cherish it forever. I've been looking for the perfect bookmark for my diary, and this has got to be the one. I've been watching you for awhile now, and love all of your work. You put so much feeling and emotion into each piece, sometimes I get emotional looking at them. I am Chelsea Taylor from Florida. Also known as Kayaticka on DA. <3

Amanda said...

Been a long time watcher and fan. I respect you as an artist and for the wonderful person you are. I'm not asking to win this rather asking that you look at your loyal fans and those who would love your bookmark but otherwise can't afford it. With that being said I'm off to buy a book mark :D.

Your truthfully a very giving person who will inspire many who happen to win your contests :D

Kat said...

This is Kat from the US, you may have seen me in some of your recent contests on DA. (Tormsytgkat)

As much as I started "following" your work because I enjoy your drawing style. I there is something about your bookmarks I really enjoy. I have seen a lot of your drawings go to the next level because the crops you make add a bit more interest. This one is also an example of that.

OmegaHailey said...

Hi my name is Hailey and I'm from N. California. I love all of your artwork so much :) You actually were the first person to inspire me to start drawing again, and I am so happy that I did, so I want to thank you for drawing all your amazing art pieces! I can always feel the emotion in each of your pictures, and it inspires me so much! :D I would love to have this bookmark, it'll inspire me every time I read my books :DDD

Speilbilde said...

Hi! I'm Hilde and I'm from Norway. :)
I like the great detail you put into your work...It's simply beautiful and you have a lot of talent.

Guardian Angel said...

hi i'm Rose from chillicothe,ohio usa. i like it & love the little heart in her hair.she looks like she's looking for someone though.maybe a loved one.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

Tina from outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Anonymous said...

such a gorgeous bookmark it makes too! I love the colors in this one ;) and how her hair makes a <3

I live in California, USA!

T♥R said...

My name is Tori from Arkansas. I just found you on deviantART. I had seen your pictures while going through searches and always liked them, but it wasn't until recently I realized some of my favorite works I passed while searching were yours. I'll definitely be following you more now!

I really love the idea about using bookmarks and stuff for your art. It's different. I hope after I finish college and begin my art career, I can find creative ideas of things to do with my art, as well.

As for the artwork itself...gorgeous! I love how simply sweet it is. The flow and movement of the image is excellent, and I adore the idea of having her hair flow into a heart. Too cute. =) It's lovely and mysterious and That's really all I can say.

Liv said...

Hi Zindy!! I'm Livia (everyone calls me Liv), and I'm from Australia! :)
I'm one of your deviantArt watchers :)
This bookmark is beautiful - the artwork is stunning!! :)
Liv in Australia

Astraea said...

Hi, I'm Astraea from Oregon,USA. I follow you on Deviant and I love your work! This is a really beautiful piece!
Peace & Love :)

Anonymous said...

wow, that was a lot of effort. stupid thing wont let you post a comment unless you have some stupid account! so im now officially on livejournal, yay!

anyways, im sarah from australia. and i love your picture
i was gonna be the fifth person to comment, but noooooooo

anyways, enough complaining. byes:)

Anonymous said...

hey i like ur bookmark and i like you too and sadly that loser who posted the message about the sites being stupid (butterfly809) is my sister and she is very scary and i just wanted to say hey and whats up and i like stormhawks and mcr and now im just going on and on..

im megan from australia and hi Livia who is also from australia unless she/he is lying which would be very easy you just have to know how to spell it, we could all be pediphles or actually just the same person over and over making lots of different accounts so they can win the bookmark.

so goodbye now also apparantly im meant to say that sarah watches you on da but sadly i dont cos i have no idea who you are. yeah sorry well anyway have a nice day and dont stop smiling!!:)

sweet angel said...

Hello, Goddag, ki ora, guten tag, bonjour.
first of all what an amazing drawing. I love it.
Im Eve from Holland or the Netherlands how you would call it. have a nice day

Telita E* said...

Hello Zindy! I simply love this piece of yours... But I actually love everything you draw, I've been following you on DA for a year now and your simply one of the most amazing artists I have ever seen...

Lotsa love
Telita Esterhuizen from Gauteng, South Africa

BlueAngel271183 said...

Hi Zindy! That's so nice of you!
I've lost my bookmark, so it is very useful! :)
I love all of your works.
Have a great weekend.

Sandra from Germany

Estelle said...

Oh Zindy, this one is beautiful, I like how her hair blows in the wind ...
I am Estelle from Malvern Queensburgh,South Africa.

BitterSweet said...

I saw this piece of art on Facebook it is absolutely STUNNING!!! All of your art is of course, lol, but there is something special about her, I guess maybe it is her hair which has been commented on many timesa nd just the way thats he is looking, just beautiful ;)

Hugs and Blessings
Barb in Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province

Francine Michaud said...

I love your drawings, Zindy. I especially like the female face closeup drawings. It's also nice to hear about you. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us!

Francine Michaud
2548 Walnut Ave Apt 10
Carmichael, CA
USA 95608

HerRoyalTagstress said...

Love your work!
My favorite part of this piece is the heart shape her hair has made!
Absolutely Beautiful.

Amy from North Carolina USA

AriesNamarie said...

Hi! My name is Kristina from Collingdale, PA.
I always love the faces in your work, they're very emotive

Amber said...

Hiya Zindy! My name is Amber and I'm from Dawson, Illinois. I absolutely love all of your art, each piece is gorgeous in its own way, but this one has that dreamy, lovesick quality that makes it shine. Really it does. Look forward to seeing more of your art and taking part in the ebay auction!

Onyx said...

Lovely artwork! ^_^ I simply can't get enough of it :D Beautiful!

Dalila from California, USA

Jean said...

I went to the EBay site and saw her. My first reaction was tears. I lost my lover/best friend in November and still cry for him and I feel just like she does. My heart just flew away that day. Hopefully I'll get it back one day. Very touching as is most of your work. Its a nice memory too because he was a nice gentle man and now my angel. luvnangel in California

Traci said...

I think it is beautiful, it is 'pretty goth' for it has that 'dark' look but the heart and the way her hair flows makes it softer.


Strawberry said...

Hi Zindy,
I am from Alabama in the United States.
I love the heart in the strands of her hair.
I collect heart items and even have a heart tattoo or two : )
I found your art through PsP groups on MSN before MSN groups closed. I have loved your art from the beginning but its even more special knowing the woman behind the art is so sweet and caring as you are.
hugs, Sheryl

Linda said...

I love ya work and this bookmark is awesome.
My name is Linda and I am from Zephyrhills, Florida

Anonymous said...

Hey Zindy!

My name's Julia and I'm from Missouri, USA. =D
I kind of idolize you. After seeing a few of your drawings, I started drawing just to see if I could do it, and I'm not half bad... for a fourteen year old. =D You are my inspiration to become an artist. This drawing itself just makes me want to pick up a pencil and go at it! I mean, each strand of hair is so finely detailed, and the shading is incredible! I absolutely love your work. Keep it up! ♥♥♥

3tje said...

Hoi Zindy,

I love your art, and what a beautiful give a way.
Greetz from Adri, The Netherlands.

tannawings said...

Hiya Zindy!
My name is Ellen and I live in Iowa (USA) Have been a fan for many years- you have amazing talent and I have bought tubes in the past but dont have anything 'touchable' like this cool bookmark.
Kinda got out of PSP (taking a break and life stuff) so am catching up on your new things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zin :P It's a beautiful one... :D Oh I wish I get this cos' I've aLWAYS WANTED A BOOKMARK FROM YOU .... so full with passion

Daniel Hristov Dinev
Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria
Emilian Stanev St. 9 V 2

ps: it's forest_genie from the forum :)

Anna Morrino said...

WOW!! Your drawings are absolutely amazing!!! You have such incredible talent! I'm Anna and I'm from Melbourne (Australia) and i first found your site about five years ago, ever since I've been checking it out everytime i get the chance because it's just mesmerizing what I see everytime! And this last drawing and the bookmark are just beautiful! it's so simple but yet it holds so many words! I would love to have something from you.. Thanks xxx..

Anna Morrino
6 Riddleston Court
Narre Warren South
Melbourne, 3805

Rich Thometz said...

I love your art. I have been inspired by you to try and learn to draw myself.

Rich from Chicago

Sophie! said...

Your are one of the artists who have inspired me to pick up a pencil and try to improve my art. The techinal skill of your art is amazing! Not to mention the beauty of it. (:

Sophie from Great Britain.

nanu said...

Well, I'll just say that you were the one who inspired me to draw and to do something for myself... be good at something. And I thank you for that! I've been following your work for 5 years now :) And you're getting better each day, you have an unique gift and I love your work... AND you're absolutely sweet. :)

Maggi said...

Love that picture! I live in Spain!
I'm a hobby artist, but too busy for now to paint anything...

Love from Maggi

Arrianne said...

I missed the giveaway, but I'm from USA and I love the dark themes a lot of your drawings have. Also that I can relate to them.

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Aw, thanks so very much to everyone who took a minute to write an entry, it made me smile looking through them all.

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