Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Aw... Lost is really coming to an end

Today I realized that Lost is actually ending. It's not that I just found out but I don't think I really realized it till today. It's sad. It has been one of my favorite shows for years and I think it will be just like parting with a really good long book or something familiar who has been with your for years.

I've loved lost from the very beginning, just something about it from the very first episode. While in progressed into something very mysterious and weird you just needed to have an open mind along the way. What I really love is how all characters goes through this personality change and you get sympathy for people you didn't have before. For me it was the episode Dr. Linus who really changed my opinion on Ben forever. After I did a drawing of him it also made me see something pretty in him while he is not my favorite guy. I really loved Everybody loves Hugo, as I felt so bad for Hurley when Libby was shoot in the earlier seasons.

I really am going to miss Lost ♥

Here's a few of my drawings I have done of the actors through the years:


Nicole said...

I have never really watched Lost...but my sister is a big fan...and I can understand the sadness with parting with a show we really love...HUGS Sweetie...XOXO
All of your drawing of the Lost stars are so gorgeous... you truly inspire me Zindy dear...Take Care

nihrida said...

I love the drawing of Jack and Kate (with freckles, from side). All are stunning. =)
I watched Lost for a while, but then it all got a load of crap for me. *giggles* I don't watch it anymore, but I guess I'll take a look at it again, since it's ending.

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Nihrida; I think a lot felt that way, when all the time traveling began, it did change a lot at the time but then again, it always were a different show :)
You should, it's amazing =) Will be sad to say goodbye.

Nicole; you should you should, it really is great!:D Thanks so much ♥

Jenea said...

OMG Zindy! You are my God! I never not see so beautiful LOst drawings! Thank you very much that you show for all-us your fantastic work!
I want to drawn something for Lost too in this weekend.
Zindy! you know that you can put all this arts in ABC site! Now,all Lost's fans put their artwork in this site!
You can go to this site:

and click Upload Artwork.
Good Luck!

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