Thursday, 9 February 2012

Do you Puzzle?

I wonder how many still do jigsaw puzzles?
I used to do it a lot when I was younger with my siblings. I remember my mom and dad had this huge one with 10000 pieces and we tried putting it together outside one summer but it was impossible to get through, especially when you are not that old and easily gets distracted.

The one I remember I had was a beautiful beach with palms, it had so much blue sky you got so impatient.

Do you still do puzzles?


~Schnegge~ said...

I love to Puzzle, have some big Puzzles, not sadly not the Place for hem to hang up. I loved to Puzzle with my Grandma when I was at her.

nihrida said...

I did a couple of puzzles a couple of years ago, but I'm not too much into them. I prefer other ways of entertainment. =) I did have a great puzzle of the Neuschwanstein castle. Loved that one.

Ben Jones said...

I used to love doing them when I was a kid. I haven't done any in the recent past but my daughter enjoys them from time to time now.

Becca said...

I do puzzles occasionally at my mom's place. She always has one out on her desk. Sometime you just get drawn into it looking for piece and finding one that actually go together. Your drawings would make a nice puzzle I think =)

Musings said...

I never found jigsaw puzzles particularly rewarding. What was the point of all that work when you just take it apart again? I think society has trained us to put effort toward the task that has the most benefit. However, there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from my OCD side when I put things "in their place." I'd much prefer a puzzle over a board game, though. The only competitor I like to have is myself.

nirfreak03 said...

i still love to! any kind and any size. it's a nice way to just spend some quiet time with yourself :)

angella johnson said...

I remember first walking into my grandmother Johnson's house and seeing walls full of puzzles. They were from different places and times, different buildings, cats and puppies. They were amazing. Now every time I see a puzzle I can't help but to think of her.

Kandi Kissez said...

I used to do them a lot with my dad but once I got into PSP that kind of took a back seat

Alessandra CarreƱo said...

I don´t, but I´ve seen puzzles in my cousin´s house wall with beautiful pictures printed. I thought of trying that with some of my drawings or maybe future drawings to just put it hanging on some wall. It woul be wonderful to see some of your art works hanging on the wall as a puzzle instead of just being framed. It´s be very interesting!!

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